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Home Team Officers Demonstrate Operational Readiness
From taking down targets to rescuing survivors trapped under rubble, Home Team officers proved their mettle.

Thunderous explosions, raging fires, bursts of gunfire and a massive chemical leak.

These were some of the simulated scenarios that officers from the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) had to tackle during Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) and Coordinating Minister for National Security Mr Teo Chee Hean’s visit to the Home Team Tactical Centre (HTTC) on 1 July 2016.

The Home Team Tactical Centre (HTTC) was opened last year on 26 October 2015 by Minister for Home Affairs Mr K Shanmugam and serves as a combined training venue for SPF and SCDF officers to train together and better develop their ability to respond in times of crisis.

 Officers from the Police Tactical Unit’s Anti-Swarming Team taking down a target during a Close Quarter Battle scenario.PHOTO: Christopher Chen

The HTTC features areas such as a partially collapsed building aptly named the Leaning Tower, with an 18 degree slant and cramped confines to better prepare officers to respond to incidents of structural collapse.

 Police Tactical Unit (PTU) officers demonstrating a Mechanical Method of Entry, which involves entering a building by sawing through the gate. PHOTO: Christopher Chen

The training areas in the HTTC are designed to be as realistic as possible to better prepare officers for real life scenarios.

 Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean commending an officer from Special Operations Command, an elite police unit. PHOTO: Christopher Chen

The opportunity to train in close proximity with other Home Team officers allows the members of each unit to coordinate their movements and increase their operational effectiveness when they are deployed in the event of an actual emergency.

 DPM Teo interacting with an SCDF search canine trained to assist rescuers in locating survivors.PHOTO: Christopher Chen

DPM Teo capped his visit by commending the Home Team officers for their vigilance and efficiency.

He also praised the HTTC trainers and instructors officers for marinating high standards of training.

 DPM Teo watching a Hazmat Team in action as they attend to a simulated chemical leak at the HTTC’s Chemical Hub Training Facility. PHOTO: Christopher Chen

“When we deploy our people… we need to make sure that they are well trained and well equipped to do the job well and come home safe,” said DPM Teo.

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  1. by Jaiesh Sachi
  2. 08 July 2016
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