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Exercise Heartbeat: Everyone Plays a Part in SGSecure
With over 200 people involved, Exercise Heartbeat demonstrated how the Home Team works with the Sentosa business community in responding to an emergency.

Gunshots pierced the air when three “gunmen” opened fire in KidZania Singapore. The children’s indoor theme park quickly transformed into a scene of terror, but Emergency Response Team officers from the Singapore Police Force (SPF) were quick to neutralise the attackers. This was all part of a counter-terrorism exercise codenamed Exercise Heartbeat.

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Emergency Response Team officers securing the perimeter after subduing the attackers. PHOTO: Olivier Lee

More than 200 people were involved in the exercise. Led by the SPF, it was supported by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and KidZania Singapore. The hour-long exercise was completed without a hitch, due to the successful collaboration between the Home Team and the support from the Sentosa business community.

Amongst those involved were students from Crescent Girl’s School (CGS) who acted as casualties during the simulated attack. Home Team News spoke to two 14-year-olds from CGS, Nadia Farhana and Sheryl, who shared their thoughts on the SGSecure movement.

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Nadia (middle) and Sheryl (second from left) with schoolmates who were also involved in Exercise Heartbeat at Sentosa. PHOTO: Muhamad Khair

What was that like being involved in the simulation exercise?

Nadia: The first time we heard the gunshots, we were startled, but we got used to them after a while. It was cool to see the Police officers shouting commands to one another, and seeing how confident they were.

Do you know what to do when caught in a terror incident?

Sheryl: As National Police Cadet Corp (NPCC) members, we’ve attended a number of SGSecure courses, where we learnt about what we can do when caught in dangerous situations.

Nadia: During the course, Police officers from Bukit Merah Neighbourhood Police Centre showed us videos on possible scenarios that could happen in Singapore. We were supposed to think of what to do on the spot, and had a role-play session to practice what we learnt. We’re also trained in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and how to use the Automated Emergency Defibrillator, since we take first aid courses in NPCC.

Why is it important to learn first aid?

Sheryl: Though I haven’t used it in real life, it’s still useful to know. We can always apply CPR in different situations, for example, if we’re in a park and someone collapses. If help is far away, at least we can start CPR first.

Nadia: When you’re applying CPR, every second counts. If we do it immediately, we have a chance of saving a life.

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An SCDF paramedic demonstrating how he treats casualties. PHOTO: Olivier Lee

Why is it important to be involved in the SGSecure movement?

Nadia: How we respond is importantFor example, if we’re able to run, hide and tell, we can save ourselves and others. If we didn’t know what to do, we’d panic, and others would too.

Sheryl: We’ve never experienced any terror attacks before, so we take it for granted. We think that “Singapore is very safe, so it will never happen here.” Just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it won’t. That’s why we have to be prepared.

Attacks can happen in different places. We can do our part by knowing first aid skills and reacting properly in a crisis, before help arrives.

Nadia: It’s also a matter of when help may come, because paramedics may need time before they can arrive at the scene. So it’s up to us – the people who are there first.

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Strengthening our resilience to withstand terror attacks: Beach patrol staff applying first aid on casualties. PHOTO: Muhamad Khair

About Exercise Heartbeat

Jointly organised by the SPF, Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) and the Ministry of Manpower, Exercise Heartbeat was held on 26 January 2018. The annual exercise, which is in its tenth year, tested the close cooperation and coordination between Home Team Agencies, SDC and the Sentosa community in their joint emergency response to a simulated terror attack within Sentosa.

Companies can find out more about SGSecure through the SGSecure website and the MOM website. To download SGSecure-related apps, click here.

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  1. by Muhamad Khair
  2. 02 February 2018
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