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My Buddy and I: Proud to be Fellow Captains of Lives
In the third story of our new series entitled “My Buddy and I”.

"Since our training days, we’ve regarded each other as positive role models. We bounce ideas off each other and reaffirm each other’s beliefs about what we are doing as Prison officers,” said Assistant Superintendent (ASP) Norman You.

ASP Norman You and his close friend ASP Wong Wei Ping, both 29, first met four years ago during their Senior Prison Officer Course (SPOC).

Throughout their eight months of training, the two friends pushed each other daily to excel both physically and mentally, especially during a tough three-week leadership training course in Nepal.

ASP Norman recalls how ASP Wei Ping was the “more sporty” of the two back then, and how the latter often used his free time to train with him to help improve his physical fitness.

 ASP Norman You (left) and ASP Wong Wei Ping (right) first met in 2012 during their Senior Prison Officer Course (SPOC) and have remained close friends ever since. Photo: Syed Muhammad Khidir

“I remember when I first came into training I was not very fit. So, the Physical Training (PT) during the first few weeks was very challenging. But Wei Ping was so much fitter. On the first day, we were asked to do pull-ups and I could only do six and he did more than 12!” said ASP Norman as the two laughed.

“After that, he actually offered to help me during our PT and improve our physical conditioning together. He really helped me during training,” ASP Norman said.

 ASP Wei Ping looked out for ASP Norman during their training, encouraging and teaching his friend to improve his physical fitness. Photo: Syed Muhammad Khidir

Whenever ASP Wei Ping found it difficult to understand study materials and theories during training, ASP Norman took the time to help him out by revising their materials together.

“I was not so good with the drill commands and some of the concepts mentioned during our classroom lessons, but Norman was much more familiar with the jargon and theory. He often spent time with me to practise drills and go through key concepts together so I wouldn’t fall behind,” ASP Wei Ping said,

ASP Norman and ASP Wei Ping are currently Operations Staff Officers in Changi Prison. In the four years that they have known each other, the two have kept in close contact and they meet up frequently, with occasional opportunities to interact during work.

“Our jobs do overlap at times. We sometimes get the chance to take charge of Operations Projects for our individual clusters. When that happens, we get to work together, attend meetings and consult each other on the best way to improve things in the prison,” shared ASP Wei Ping.

 The two friends find opportunities to work together, helping to improve on operations of their respective clusters in Changi Prison. Photo: Syed Muhammad Khidir

Having both studied psychology in university and chosen to join the SPS as Captains of Lives to make a difference in the lives of ex-offenders, the passion ASP Norman and ASP Wei Ping demonstrate in their work is just one of the many similarities they share. The two even share the same birthday and have celebrated their past few birthdays together.

The duo continue to train together for their yearly Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT), setting aside time after their shifts to work out and maintain their fitness together.

“This buddy of mine is very spontaneous. He got me to form a group with our other friends to do some interval training after work. That motivated me because his encouragement helped me a lot, just like our training days,” ASP Norman said.

 Ever since their training days, ASP Norman and ASP Wei Ping have trained and worked out together, constantly spurring each other to improve along the way. Photo: Syed Muhammad Khidir

“Yes, we motivate each other to get better IPPT results, but we still like to eat a lot after training!” exclaimed ASP Wei Ping as the two friends shared a laugh.

ASP Norman and ASP Wei Ping also hang out after work, taking part in outdoor activities such kayaking and cycling.

“Thus far, the past four years with Wei Ping have been very worthwhile and the journey has been immensely positive. I think it’s a strong indication of how our friendship will continue to grow,” remarked ASP Norman.

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  1. by Jaiesh Sachi
  2. 20 December 2016
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