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Five Anti-Drug Acronyms You Need to Know
SCORE, NCADA, SANA, NAMS and SACA – these are actually key organisations in our anti-drug ecosystem.

5 Anti Drug Logos

When the topic of drugs comes up, the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) typically springs to mind first. But did you know that there’s also SANA, NCADA and a host of other anti-drug organisations, all of which work hard to keep our society drug-free?

And if you have already heard of these organisations, have you ever wondered what SANA stands for? And no, we are not referring to your favourite K-pop girl group member. What about NCADA, NAMS, SCORE and SACA? Fret not. We provide the answers to the questions you were too shy to ask!

Preventing Drug Abuse

1. NCADA – National Council Against Drug Abuse

  • NCADA is an advisory council to the Minister and the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on policies and measures to curb drug abuse in Singapore.
  • NCADA collaborates with the CNB on the annual Anti-Drug Abuse Campaign for youth and the general public.
  • It also offers funding support to anti-drug projects organised by community groups and individuals. More information on NCADA’s Financial Assistance Scheme can be found here.

Preventing and Rehabilitating

2. SANA – Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association


Battling Addiction

3. NAMS – National Addictions Management Service

  • NAMS is an addictions treatment centre that supports patients who are addicted to drugs, alcohol and gambling (as well as other compulsions).
  • NAMS runs a dedicated outpatient clinic for patients as well as Serenity Centre, a residential facility for those who require detoxification and rehabilitation.
  • To learn more about NAMS, call 6-RECOVER (6-7326837).

Providing Second Chances

4. SCORE – Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises

  • statutory board under the MHA, SCORE provides rehabilitation and aftercare services to inmates and ex-offenders, and prepares them to reintegrate into society.
  • SCORE focuses on four main building blocks: training, work, employment assistance and community engagement.
  • SCORE is a member-agency of the CARE Network and the Yellow Ribbon Project.
SCORE Hope Cafe
SCORE set up the Hope Cafe at the Home Team Show and Festival 2017 to educate the public on rehabilitation efforts whilst selling baked goods prepared by inmates. PHOTO: Zavier Low

5. SACA – Singapore After-Care Association


  • SACA is a voluntary welfare organisation that provides welfare and rehabilitation services for discharged offenders and their families, so that they can successfully reintegrate into society.
  • Among the services that SACA provides are case management; education and skills upgrading; and training.
  • SACA also has a call-in/walk-in centre for ex-offenders and their family members that offers counselling, job referrals and workshops.
  • SACA is affiliated with the NCSS and is a member-agency of the CARE Network and the Yellow Ribbon Project.

NCADA, SANA, NAMS, SCORE and SACA work hand-in-hand to keep Singapore drug-free through upstream prevention efforts and downstream rehabilitation and reintegration efforts. Each has a part to play, but in fighting drug abuse, the most important role remains that of the individual – in saying no to drugs; in committing to a life free from its terrible cost. Now that you know what these organisations do, we hope you’ll keep supporting Singapore’s commitment to a drug-free society!

  1. by Yuslina Aziz
  2. 05 January 2018
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