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Five in the Home Team
Five officers, three shades of blue, one family.

To his four sons, Senior Warrant Officer 1 (SWO1) Khairudin Bin Mohamed Ali of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) is a lionhearted hero who’s always ready to brave the fire. Having served with the SCDF for 35 years, the 54-year-old is now a Senior Instructor at the Civil Defence Academy.

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Committed to serving (from left): SGT2 Anwar, ICA; SGT (NS) Ariffin SPF; and SWO1 Khairudin, SGT Azhar and SSGT Khairi, SCDF. PHOTO: Jermaine Ting

His sons have followed his lead to serve in the Home Team. They are: Sergeant (SGT) 2 Khairul Anwar, 27, of the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA); SGT (NS) Khairul Ariffin, 23, of the Singapore Police Force (SPF); and SGT Khairul Azhar, 24, and Staff Sergeant (SSGT) Muhammad Khairi, 28 of the SCDF.

The five officers share how serving in the Home Team has strengthened their familial bond.

What is one personal quality that runs in the family?
SWO1 Khairudin, SCDF: Discipline. My father was a very strict man who joined the Singapore Fire Brigade in the 1940s. At home, I’ve tried to impart a sense of discipline to my sons as well.

SGT (NS) Ariffin, SPF: Our dad is still strict, but he also has a caring side. Even though we’re all grown up now, he always checks on us if we don't reach home before 10.30pm.

SSGT Khairi, SCDF: At home, he’s our Ayah, Father. We watch television together; eat together; play soccer together. Like any dad, he lectures us on the things we shouldn’t do. However, when it comes to our professional duties and if we happen to meet on the job, he’s our Encik, and we work together strictly as colleagues.

SGT Azhar, SCDF: He brings an officer’s attributes, such as discipline, home as well.

What spurred you to join the Home Team?
SSGT Khairi, SCDF: Firefighting is a vocation that runs in the family. When I graduated, I was unsure of which career path I wanted to take. I told my dad I wanted to join the Home Team, and he encouraged me to give the SCDF a try.

SGT2 Anwar, ICA: Since we were young, our dad has never failed to bring us to events at the Fire Station and SCDF Family Days. During Fire Station open houses on weekends, we also had the opportunity to look around the Station and sit in in the fire engines, which piqued my interest in the Home Team. Even though I took a different route by joining the ICA, I’m still a part of the Home Team family.

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PHOTO: Jermaine Ting

As officers in the Home Team, have you developed a deeper appreciation for your dad?
SGT Azhar, SCDF: From a young age, we became accustomed to his shift patterns when he wouldn't be home for ten days in a month. After I joined the SCDF, I understood how tough his work is, and I appreciate even more how he still helps around the house, despite having a tiring day on the job.

SSGT Khairi, SCDF: I appreciate our dad’s work more as I realise that it requires a strong heart and able mind. Wearing this uniform is about more than responding to emergency calls. You need compassion to help those in need.

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PHOTO: Jermaine Ting

What would you like to say to your dad this Father’s Day?
SSGT Khairi, SCDF: Thank you for raising me up this way. You may be strict at times, but I know that it’s for my own good. Happy Father’s Day, dad, I’ll make you proud one day.

SGT2 Anwar, ICA: Thank you for everything you’ve done, for making us what we are now. I know it’s hard for you to juggle both work and family, so I just want to wish you a Happy Father’s Day.

SGT Azhar, SCDF: Without your advice and scolding, we wouldn’t be where we are now. Thank you for everything, dad.

SGT (NS) Ariffin, SPF: You’ve worked hard to give me everything I wanted. One day you’ll see me shine, dad. You’re the best!
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  1. by Jermaine Ting and Ashley Tuen
  2. 15 June 2019
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