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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Fire Stations
Delving into the ever active second homes of our first responders - fire stations!

“Five Things You Didn’t Know…” is a series that provides a candid and cool look at the Home Team.

#1: Fire Engines are Transforming
Fire stations don’t only house regular fire engines. They are also home to these dual-purpose vehicles that are crucial to lifesaving operations by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

Home Team News SCDF Firestation 01

Despite its compact size, the Fire Medical Vehicle (FMV) packs a punch. A hybrid of a firefighting vehicle and an ambulance, the FMV is able to respond to emergencies for firefighting as well as for the conveyance of the injured to hospital. 

But that’s not all. 

Home Team News SCDF Firestation 02

The DART Amphibious Vehicle (DAV) is the latest addition to SCDF’s fleet, and the first-ever vehicle that can be used for both firefighting on water and inland water rescues. Fifteen seconds is all it takes to transition from land into water!
#2: Ambulances, at Your Service 
We all know that ambulances end up at hospitals. But do you know where they come from? Fire stations!

Home Team News SCDF Firestation 03
PHOTO: Fatimah Mujibah

Along with firefighting vehicles, ambulances are stationed in SCDF’s fire stations. The location and status of every ambulance is monitored closely by the SCDF Operations Centre via an advanced command and control system which utilises technologies such as geolocation and live traffic information.

That’s why when someone calls 995 about a medical emergency, responding medical resources are able to reach and convey the casualty to hospital in the shortest possible time!  
#3: Getting a Head-Start
All SCDF emergency vehicles have sirens that are immediately recognisable, which signals to road users that they should give way. But that’s not the only thing that helps fire engines and ambulances get to their destination quicker. When an SCDF emergency vehicle is dispatched from a fire station, its officers can control the traffic lights that are immediately outside the stations, giving the vehicles a head-start. So, do drive carefully when nearing a station as you never know you may have to give way to the emergency vehicles. 

#4: Sliding to the Rescue
When it comes to fire stations, sliding down a firefighter’s pole is one of the first things that come to mind. This handy device enables firefighters to get from higher levels of a station to the ground quickly. 

And that’s pretty cool. But Jurong Fire Station is even cooler!

Home Team News SCDF Firestation 04

Opened in November 2017, it’s the first fire station in Singapore to be equipped with a slide. Built to ensure speed and safety, this slide is definitely way cooler than the traditional pole.

Home Team News SCDF Firestation 05

#5: Hot Wheels with an Impact
Fire Bikes are a bit like zippy, two-wheeled ambulances (though they do not send casualties to hospitals), and have been used in Singapore since 1998. 

Some firefighters have multiple skills – besides firefighting, there are also Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) who are able to quickly respond to and provide initial treatment for medical emergencies such as cardiac arrests, breathing difficulties and injuries.
Home Team News SCDF Firestation 06

Visit a Fire Station this Saturday 

Want to experience the buzz of a fire station? You literally can walk into one to learn more cool things about what our firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics do. Find out more about SCDF open houses here!
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  1. by Fatimah Mujibah
  2. 12 January 2019
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