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My Buddy and I: Gearing Up for Law Enforcement
Home Team News invites work buddies from within the Home Team to share about the bonds they formed during training and daily operations.

National Service Probationary Inspector (NSPI) Hubert Yeo and his buddy NSPI Yeoh Jun Jie, both 19, entered Police Training Command (TRACOM) as Officer Cadet Trainees (OCTs) after completing their Basic Military Training with the Singapore Armed Forces.

They joined 57 other OCTs to undergo nine months of training under the Singapore Police Force at the Home Team Academy from March to November 2016. Paired as buddies starting from the first week of training, they have since developed a close bond after going through the tough training programme together.

My Buddy
National Service Probationary Inspector (NSPI) Hubert Yeo (left) and his buddy NSPI Yeoh Jun Jie (right). PHOTO: Melvin Mak

NSPIs Hubert and Jun Jie supported each other physically and intellectually throughout their training, pushing themselves through Physical Training sessions and helping one another revise their law lessons and police procedure.

“Hubert and I helped each other with simple things too, like waking up in the morning, reminding each other to bring essential items before we leave our bunk. We even helped each other wash clothes sometimes,” NSPI Jun Jie said.

Both NSPIs Hubert and Jun Jie acknowledged that having a buddy around during stressful situations was a source of emotional support.

“We went through quite a lot of things as OCTs and there were times when we felt demoralised or disheartened. Having a buddy there to talk to helps me rationalise what happened and how we should move forward together,” NSPI Hubert said.

NSPIs Hubert and Jun Jie working out together in the gym. The two buddies often push each other to excel throughout their training, correcting each other and learning from their shared experiences. PHOTO: Melvin Mak

The pair brought up their 16 days of outdoor leadership training at Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) as the toughest point of their training. The training pushed the OCTs to their physical and mental limits and further strengthened their bonds with their buddies and squad mates.

“OBS was the time when the batch came together more than ever before, and all of us started encouraging each other as we went through the tough training. Having Jun Jie there to encourage me is something to be thankful for,” said NSPI Hubert.

Part of their training with OBS included stretching their physical limits and mental endurances both on land and at sea.

“During OBS, we had to kayak around an island for more than 13 hours during a thunderstorm with strong currents and wind. That difficult situation brought out the best in all of us. We could see squad mates who were physically stronger constantly encouraging those who were falling behind,” said NSPI Hubert.

The friendship between NSPIs Hubert and Jun Jie extends outside of training. They spend some of their weekends off watching movies and hanging out. PHOTO: Melvin Mak

The two are close friends even outside TRACOM. NSPI Hubert often visits NSPI Jun Jie to learn how to play the piano from his buddy, who is a grade seven pianist.

“Hubert knows quite a lot about baking. So when my girlfriend’s birthday was coming up, he gave me some baking tips and even lent me baking tools so I wouldn’t have to buy any! ” said NSPI Jun Jie, as the two shared a laugh.

Both NSPI Hubert and Jun Jie were commissioned as NSPIs on 24 November 2016. Despite having completed their training, they still maintain their friendship and continue to keep in contact.

I definitely want to keep in touch and have regular meet-ups. We really bonded quite well during the past nine months, and I know that we will still take the time to catch up to talk about our vocations and see how things are going,” NSPI Jun Jie added.

The two buddies in their formal Mess Kit before their Graduation Dinner, proudly displaying their new rank of National Service Probationary Inspector. PHOTO: Melvin Mak

Even though their National Service vocations will keep them some distance apart, the duo is confident that the relationship they have forged with each other and their squad mates over the past few months will last.

When you are in the trainee phase, you want to graduate as fast as possible. Because you think that after you are done with training, life will be good. But after you graduate and you look back, you treasure the days when you have friends around to go through difficult periods with you,” said NSPI Hubert.

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  1. by Jaiesh Sachi
  2. 06 December 2016
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