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This is What an SCDF Officer Looks Like
Committed, professional, cool – meet the lifesavers of Kallang Fire Station.

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ou know them as our Home Team Guardians, working hard 24/7 to keep Singapore safe and secure. In our GUARDIANS photo series, we hear their personal stories, told from the heart. 

Officially opened in October 2019, Kallang Fire Station is located  near the Singapore Sports Hub and is Singapore’s newest Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) facility. But it has another distinguishing factor too – the Fire Station is also home to a first-of-its-kind Home Team Joint Facility which can operate as a command and staging centre for SCDF, the Singapore Police Force and other related agencies during major events. We spoke to six SCDF officers at Kallang Fire Station to find out more about who they are behind the uniform, and what drives them every day as lifesavers.

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LTA Sahul Hameed S/O B Sardhar, 27
Rota Commander

“My first stint with SCDF was when I served my National Service in 2013, and I signed on after accepting a scholarship to study Engineering at Nanyang Technological University

“What drove me to sign on was something that went beyond fighting fires or saving lives. Of course, that’s what we do and take pride in, but I also love to connect with the public, and to do things that are varied in nature. SCDF is a great place for us to do that. Whether I’m involved in event management or technology applications, I feel satisfied because this is a place where we can innovate and come up with new solutions. 

“In my free time, my friends and I organise charity initiatives – we raise funds together to hold meal sessions for people from the elderly to construction workers. Hopefully, we can expand this into a larger venture to build homes and help others overseas. 

“As for what makes my day? Quite frankly, teh-O ice – I used to drink up to four cups a day! I love it so much that my SCDF buddies now know to fill up my order before I even mention it – it’s a special kind of kinship we have. Sometimes, what makes your day is something really simple.”

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LCP Marchello Octoverdio Chow, 19
NSF Firefighter

“Just call me Marc!

“This is my tenth month of National Service, and it’s been a learning journey for me. When I first enlisted and found that I was going to join SCDF, I was still trying to figure out my direction in life. But after my stint here, I’m considering pursuing cyber-forensics as a subject.

“In my free time, I like to edit videos. In fact, I helped produce the video for the opening of Kallang Fire Station! I’m also an outdoor person – whether it’s hiking, cycling or kayaking, I like all sorts of active pursuits. 

“Helping people makes my day – sometimes it’s something as simple as running errands for my mother, or helping someone at the MRT station! All in all, I wish to become a better version of myself.”

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LTA Sheryl Sia, 27
Rota Commander

“When I graduated, I knew a routine office job would never fit me. 

“I always preferred something that was more physical and on the go, and which made me feel that I was making a impact through my work. I guess this came into play with what I chose to do; before I joined SCDF, I worked at an offshore marine engineering firm and built oil rigs! 

“The most rewarding thing about serving with SCDF is having the opportunity to mix with people from different backgrounds. Despite this, we’re all on the same page when it comes to achieving great things. 

“Responding to incidents every day, I’ve come to realise that we never know what will happen in life, as much as we try to plan for it. For me, life is a work in progress, and it’s best to live every day to the fullest!”

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WO2 Mohamad Shamsir Bin Muhamid Noor, 41
Deputy Rota Commander

“Having been with SCDF for 17 years now, I’ve gone through many postings. I started out at Changi Fire Station in 2002 as Section Commander, and was a HazMat Section Commander at Tampines Fire Station before coming to Kallang Fire Station.

“I love everything about my work! If I was to explain why I joined SCDF, it’s because it brings out the best in me. I just love solving complicated challenges, from planning for major events to managing those last-minute pinches that we get into. It gives me a sense of achievement to complete a job well, and motivates me to improve further. 

“Nowadays, life is no longer about just individual achievements. I have four kids and my wife is an SCDF officer too. We met as Polytechnic students and she’s now serving at SCDF HQ. For me, life is just about treasuring the great things that we have. I’m happy to spend time with my family, and want to see my kids do even better than I have.”

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SGT2 Muhamad Noor Izzat Bin Ishnin, 27
Section Commander

“Being in SCDF allows me to do work that is real and concrete. As a Section Commander, I get to make a direct impact on people’s lives every day. 

“We train hard and this pays off when we get to put all our effort into saving lives. Whether it’s a fire or rescue incident, I feel a sense of satisfaction when we get things done. 

“As SCDF officers, we also have to face many challenging situations in the course of our work. Because of this, I’ve been able to overcome many fears that I wouldn’t have faced otherwise.

“In my free time, I go for runs and swims. Since the work we do requires us to train hard every day, it’s helped me in my regular life too! It always feels better to be fit.” 

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WO2 Sharifah Muslimah Lili Bte Ahmad Nassir, 37
Emergency Medical Services Officer-in-Charge

“There are many things I love about my job, but the most rewarding part about being a Paramedic is being there for people when they are most in need. 

“The people we help are often in a vulnerable state, and though we’re strangers to them, they hand us their trust in their most helpless moments. 

“There was a patient we helped who had moderate autism – understandably, his father was worried that he’d throw a tantrum and complicate the situation further. It took a while for us to calm the patient down and build a trust between us, so that we could assist him. I think that sense of connection is the most rewarding part about my work. 

“This is a job where I can experience something different every day; that’s what an adventure is. My fellow officers and I have bonded so much over time that seeing them is like coming back to another family. 

“In my spare time, I love to read classics – recently, I’ve been reading The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Though I’ve served with SCDF for almost 20 years, I’m still learning about leadership, and the book has inspired me to become more aware of how I can apply it at work. My goal right now is to also finish my part-time degree – I’m currently studying Biomedical Engineering and Paramedicine at the Singapore University of Social Sciences!”

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