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In His Father’s Footsteps
In our Father’s Day Special, we take a look at the heartwarming bond between a father and son SPF duo.

Dad. Perhaps you recall his firm hand and protectiveness as an essential part of your childhood. But underneath his tough exterior, you know that he is your pillar of support, one you can always count on. 

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Meet the family (from left): ASP Mohamad Fazlin; his son, Mu'az Mohamad Fazlin; and his father, SI Mohamad Kamal. PHOTO: Jermaine Ting

This is exactly how Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Mohamad Fazlin of the Singapore Police Force (SPF) feels about his father, Station Inspector (SI) Mohamad Kamal. 

A Role Model
Now a Ground Response Force Team Leader at Geylang Neighbourhood Police Centre, ASP Fazlin fondly recalls the stories told by his father about being a member of SPF’s United Nations Peacekeeping Force (UNPKF). Established in 1998 to support international peacekeeping efforts, the UNPKF has carried out over 10 missions across Asia. These often lasted from several months to a year. 

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SI Kamal on duty with the UNPKF, in East Timor and Cambodia. PHOTOS: SI Mohamad Kamal

“Seeing how my father contributed to maintaining peace and stability made me think about what I could do for Singapore,” the 32-year-old officer recalled. “His work shaped me throughout my childhood, and continues to influence me to the present day.”

So it came as no surprise to SI Kamal, who now serves with the SPF Band as Chief Musician in charge of the trumpet section, that his eldest son would also join the SPF. This commitment to service runs in the family; another of SI Kamal’s four sons is an officer with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority

A Deeper Appreciation
Working together in the Home Team has helped to build a bridge of understanding and appreciation between father and son.

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PHOTO: Jermaine Ting

“When I was younger, I couldn’t understand why my father had to go on missions,” said ASP Fazlin. “But since I joined the Home Team, I’ve developed a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices he made to support our family.” 

Fulfilling the role of a mentor at home and at work, SI Kamal added: “Having served with SPF for 41 years, I understand the challenges of being a Police officer. It puts me in a good position to advise and support Fazlin in his career.”

The Joy of Fatherhood
Now a dad to a one-and-a-half-year-old boy, ASP Fazlin is experiencing the joy of fatherhood. Proud grand-dad SI Kamal couldn’t be happier too. “My grandson never fails to put a smile on our faces,” he chuckled as he embraced the boy, who was sporting his very own Police T-shirt when we met him. 

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A timeless bond: ASP Fazlin and SI Kamal. PHOTOS: Jermaine Ting and SI Mohamad Kamal

As Father’s Day draws closer, ASP Fazlin shared that the occasion holds double the significance for him. “It isn’t just a day to show appreciation to my father, but, being a dad myself, I get to bask in the joy and pride of having a son,” he shared. 

During a heartfelt moment between the two, ASP Fazlin said, “I’d like to thank my dad for being firm yet fair to me when I was growing up. This is something I’ll strive to emulate with my own son.”

“And I believe that Fazlin will do his utmost to be a good father too,” said SI Kamal with a smile.

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PHOTO: Jermaine Ting
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  1. by Jermaine Ting
  2. 13 June 2019
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