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Keep It Real: Guiding Young Officers with Compassion and Creativity
Station Inspector Norainni Binte Mohamed Zaini of the Singapore Police Force injects creativity into her lessons by replacing text-based learning with short videos.

It was a stroke of creativity that inspired SI Norainni Binte Mohamed Zaini to use short videos as a medium to deliver engaging lessons to the Full-time Police National Servicemen (PNSFs) under her charge. The 38-year-old officer shares how she got into video production and why she loves being a Course Manager for PNSFs training at the Police Training Command.

SI Norainni joined the SPF 18 years ago and has been a course manager for PNSFs at the HTA since July 2015. PHOTO: Desmond Ang

Tell us about the video you made that enhanced the way your trainees learn about Police work.
I have always enjoyed doing creative work. Whenever I have the opportunity, I will try to apply creativity in the things I do, be it in work or in my personal life. As the PNSFs are all young people, using a creative medium would be one of the best ways to connect with them. For example, I produced a video to make it easier (and more engaging) for my trainees to learn about the application of proper grip restraint techniques. 

It took weeks to come up with the storyboard, following which, I had to look into the characters in the storyline and the roles each one played. It was only an eight-minute video, but it took more than a day’s work for me to complete it.

How did your trainees respond to the video?

From the trainees' feedback gathered after my lesson, I found out that they had a better understanding of the topic. 

Are you planning to make more training videos?

Because of the positive results, I am now more motivated to make videos as a form of training medium. Trainers need to be creative and constantly thinking about ways to improve our training materials. We should also try to put ourselves in the shoes of our trainees, so that we can come up with more relevant and fresh training materials. 

19 Mar SI Nooraini with her Trainees
Blue pride: SI Norainni with her trainees. PHOTO: Norainni Binte Mohamed Zaini

Share with us one training moment that was especially memorable for you.

Every intake has its fair share of unique personalities. So, it is important for me to interview every trainee to get to know them better. I once had a trainee who felt pain in his knees during the course of his training, so we referred him for a medical check-up.

That was when we found out that he had a medical condition; one of his legs was longer than the other. He was not aware about it prior to the check-up. This meant that his Physical Employment Standard would be downgraded to C, and he had to join another squad that would go through a programme that was less physically strenuous.

He was really sad about the news, and tried very hard to convince me to let him stay with my squad. Even his parents made the request to me. 

However, we wanted to prevent the trainee from incurring further injury, so I explained that he had to join a different squad because of his medical condition. I also assured the trainee that I would always be there for him if he ever needed somebody to talk to.

Although he joined another squad, I stayed in contact with him until the day he graduated. He is now a Special Assistant at one of our land divisions.

What’s the best thing about being a Course Manager at the Police Training Command?

I’ve taken a total of five PNSF squads so far. The sense of satisfaction I get from seeing how much my trainees grow, from the first day I meet them as enlistees to the day they pass out from the Police Officer Basic Course, is something that money can’t buy. 

As a Home Team Trainer, I also benefited from the Home Team Academy's (HTA) Specialist Certificate in Learning and Instructional Science (SPECTRA). SPECTRA is a programme that the HTA developed with the National Institute of Education (International) to equip Home Team Specialist Trainers with contemporary adult learning strategies. 

Through this programme, I developed the skills to devise more engaging training delivery methods to better enrich my trainees and improve their learning outcomes.

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  1. by Desmond Ang
  2. 19 March 2018
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