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My Buddy and I: Keeping the Neighbourhood Safe Together
In the second story of our new series entitled “My Buddy and I”.

“When we handle any incidents that we encounter while on patrol, the most important thing is knowing that I have his back and he has mine,” said Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Benjamin Cheah.

Such was the faith that SSgt Benjamin, 26, has in his partner SSgt Muhd Fadhil, 28. SSgt Benjamin and SSgt Fadhil are officers from the Woodlands Neighbourhood Police Centre’s (NPC) Community Policing Unit (CPU).


SSgt Benjamin Cheah (right) and his partner SSgt Muhd Fadhil (left) have known each other for six years. They often spend some of their off-duty hours working out and swapping life stories. PHOTO: Lynn Hong


The pair has known each other for six years, starting from when they were both Ground Response Force (GRF) officers at Woodlands NPC. Although they were from different teams, SSgt Fadhil occasionally joined SSgt Benjamin on patrols. That was when the two officers first got to work together and started exchanging stories about their families, hobbies and hopes for the future.

“When we were in the same patrol team as GRF officers, Benjamin used to work out with me and teach me how to keep fit and eat healthy. We would hang out after our shift and have dinner too,” SSgt Fadhil said.

“Most of the time, it’s clean eating and no fried food!” chuckled SSgt Benjamin. They continue to exercise and spend time together outside of work till this day.

Three months ago, SSgt Fadhil joined SSgt Benjamin’s CPU team and the two officers were given the opportunity to continue working together as partners.


SSgt Benjamin (middle) and SSgt Fadhil (left) interacting with a resident as they go along their daily patrol of the Woodlands East Neighbourhood. Part of their interactions often involves advising residents on how to protect themselves and their families from being victims of crime. PHOTO: Lynn Hong


“When I found out that Fadhil was joining my team, I was really happy because he’s a good worker and I can communicate with him. When he became my partner, I felt really fortunate,” said SSgt Benjamin. 

The camaraderie between SSgt Benjamin and SSgt Fadhil strengthened further after the two began patrolling duties together. The pair looks out for each other as they carry on their bicycle patrols in Woodlands East, helping each other watch for obstacles and making sure they stick together at all times.

When SSgt Benjamin stops to speak to a resident in Mandarin, he makes sure to keep SSgt Fadhil informed by translating the conversation into English. This gives his partner a chance to chime in on the discussion.


The two CPU officers always watch out for each other as they conduct their bicycle patrols around the Woodlands East neighbourhood, keeping an eye out for suspicious activity or people in danger. PHOTO: Lynn Hong


“I’m really thankful for the chance to work with Fadhil again and hopefully, we can continue being buddies for a long time,” said SSgt Benjamin.

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  1. by Jaiesh Sachi
  2. 13 December 2016
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