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Love in the Home Team (Part 1)
Guardians with a heart for the Home Team, and each other – one’s a firefighter, the other a scientist; find out how he inspired her to join the Home Team.

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Bonds of endearment and purpose: CPT Lim Jun Yu and Dr Lee Mian Rong. PHOTO: Natasha Razak

K-drama fans will be familiar with the story of an officer dating someone who dons a white coat in the popular drama, Descendants of the Sun. In the Home Team, it’s Captain (CPT) Lim Jun Yu of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) who’s the man in uniform while his wife, Dr Lee Mian Rong of the Office of the Chief Science and Technology Officer at the Ministry of Home Affairs, wears the white coat. 

The 29-year-olds met as classmates in Hwa Chong Institution in 2007. Three weeks after their first day of school together, CPT Lim confessed his feelings for Dr Lee. 

The couple’s easy-going and cheery personalities enabled them to share a smooth journey together. They tied the knot in June 2015, two weeks before CPT Lim started his Rota Commander Course at SCDF. Following his seven-month-long training, he was attached to Jurong Fire Station, serving there until July 2018. During this period, Dr Lee pursued a PhD in Chemistry at Nanyang Technological University

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Dr Lee is a Laboratory Analyst at the Home Team Investigation Laboratory while CPT Lim currently serves at 3rd SCDF Division where he manages and oversees the administration of Operationally-Ready NSmen. PHOTO: Natasha Razak

“Back when I was a Rota Commander, every day brought a different challenge,” CPT Lim recalled. “One of the biggest was managing a team of 30 to 40 officers with different backgrounds. I overcame this by learning about what motivated my men and reaching a common understanding with them. For us, it was about doing our duties well and returning home safely.” 

Listening to CPT Lim’s stories about his duties as a Rota Commander, Dr Lee was also inspired to join the Home Team. “SCDF frontliners have a unique role,” she explained. “When you see them arrive at an incident scene, you know that you’ll be safe. Jun Yu’s work is very fulfilling, and after listening to his stories, I realised I also wanted to do something just as meaningful.” 

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“When he’s on duty, I don’t sleep as deeply because I’ll be checking my phone for updates about whether he’s responding to a fire call, and when he has returned at the station,” said Dr Lee. PHOTO: Natasha Razak

In 2017, while watching television at home, Dr Lee saw a “live” telecast of the Home Team Show which featured different job profiles in the Home Team. That’s when she first learnt about the Home Team’s Science and Technology capabilities. 

Now a Laboratory Analyst at the Home Team Investigation Laboratory, she’s revelling in her role. “I get to do operational research, like testing various instruments and tools before they are deployed for use by frontline officers,” said Dr Lee. “I like how this job allows me to witness the direct impact of my research. Though the learning curve has been steep, I really appreciate the structured training programme and the support of my seniors.”

CPT Lim is equally gratified by their Home Team bond. “I’m very proud that we’re both working in the Home Team,’ he said. “We understand the operational demands of the job, and it’s easier for us as a couple to relate to each other’s stories and experiences.”

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  1. by Natasha Razak
  2. 13 February 2019
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