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Love in the Home Team (Part 2)
Guardians with a heart for the Home Team, and each other – how a work attachment blossomed into romance and a shared commitment to serving others.

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INSP Tan and SSSGT Hadi first met during an attachment at Bukit Merah East NPC. PHOTO: Fatris Bin Jasmin

The 10-Year Challenge has made headlines around the world, but for Senior Staff Sergeant (SSSGT) Muhammad Nur Hadi and Inspector (INSP) Tan Yi Mei of the Singapore Police Force (SPF), it's the Five-Year Challenge that holds more meaning.

It was five years ago that INSP Tan met SSSGT Hadi. Today, the two officers are happily married and have recently moved into their first flat. “We met during my attachment at Bukit Merah East Neighbourhood Police Centre [NPC],” recounted INSP Tan, 28. “Back then, our conversations were mostly focused on work.”

The attachment was meant to give her insights into Policing on the ground, before she went for her training to be commissioned as a Police officer. “But being new to SPF, she texted me when she had any questions about training,” said SSSGT Hadi, 29.

Over time, they started going out together on weekends, whenever INSP Tan booked out of the Home Team Academy (HTA). They spent their time on meals, long chats, cycling and hiking. “More than anything, we just enjoyed each other’s company,” said INSP Tan.

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The couple attributes their strong relationship to the support of their family and friends. PHOTO: Fatris Bin Jasmin

After four months, SSSGT Hadi finally asked her to be his girlfriend over the phone. “I was nervous,” recounted SSSGT Hadi. “I wasn’t sure if she only saw me as a friend, but the words came out so suddenly even I was surprised.”

Similarly nervous, INSP Tan declined to answer him. But when she received the same question in person, however, she relented. “I saw his sincerity and knew he was completely serious,” she recalled.

According to SSSGT Hadi, his mother was worried the couple might experience difficulties due to their different upbringings. “But when she met Yi Mei in person, her worries faded away,” he said.

The couple attributes their strong relationship to the support of their family and friends. “Some of them were surprised when we first started dating,” said INSP Tan. “But they encouraged us to go for it.” 

After dating for four years, the couple tied the knot in 2018. SSSGT Hadi is now serving with SPF’s Public Affairs Department while INSP Tan is a Team Leader at Bukit Merah West NPC, having completed a stint in investigations at Central Police Division.

Husband and wife are thankful and proud to serve in SPF’s blue uniform. “As Police officers, it’s easier for us to be supportive of each other,” said SSSGT Hadi. “This is especially true during events such as F1 and the DPRK-USA Singapore Summit, when we’re deployed for extended periods and have little time to spend together.”

Asked what lesson she has learnt from their time together, INSP Tan had this to share: “If you never try, you’ll never know where it leads.”

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  1. by Fatris Bin Jasmin
  2. 14 February 2019
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