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Meet Your Friendly Neighbourhood Citizens on Patrol
How Citizens on Patrol keep our neighbourhoods safe and sound!

Since 1999, volunteers of Citizens On Patrol (COP), a community engagement programme of the Singapore Police Force (SPF), have helped keep our neighbourhoods safe. 

Sporting bright-blue vests, COP volunteers conduct patrols and engage in crime prevention campaigns, playing a crucial role in supporting SPF's mission on the ground. Five avid COP volunteers share their experiences walking the beat!

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Pillar of support: Mdm Supyah (left) says she always gets excited about going on patrol with her daughter, Arfa. PHOTO: Desmond Ang

Driven to Help Others
Nur Arfa Binte Muhammad Rahmat always harboured a secret ambition to fight crime. After attending a talk by Police officers at her Secondary School about the COP programme, she quickly signed up as a volunteer. 

Now 18, Arfa says that her five years with the COP have opened her eyes to her neighbourhood of Sembawang Drive, and helped build up her self-confidence. “I used to keep to myself, and give one-word answers,” she says. “But now, I’m more confident in conversing, even with strangers.”

Arfa’s enthusiasm is matched by her mother, Mdm Supyah Binte Moht, 65, who joined the COP to support Arfa. “I feel happy and proud to volunteer with the COP.” 

A second-year student at Republic Polytechnic, Arfa says that setting priorities helps her manage her studies and volunteer duties. What enables her to give her best in both areas is her drive to help others. 
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Young patrolling partners: Arfa and Vincent. PHOTO: Desmond Ang

Friends on the Neighbourhood Beat 
Sharing the same ambition as Arfa is one of her best friends, 17-year-old Vincent Chia. Both had served with the National Police Cadet Corps at Sembawang Secondary School. Seeing a familiar face in the COP encouraged Vincent to step up as well. 

Managing conflicts and handling difficult situations are just some of the many things Arfa and Vincent have learnt by patrolling together. “Conducting patrols with a friend makes a huge difference as we get to learn new things about each other,” explained Vincent. "It also provides Arfa and me with a meaningful way to contribute to society." 

A Civic Duty
Echoing Vincent’s sentiment about the benefits of volunteering together is Ganesan S/O Kulandai, 64. For the past 15 years, Ganesan and his wife Kalaich Chelvi D/O Periana, 59, have patrolled Bukit Merah East once a month on Wednesdays.

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Protective pair: Ganesan and Kalaich are committed to playing their part as COP volunteers. PHOTO: Desmond Ang

“It’s our duty to help the Police ensure the safety and security of our neighbourhood,” Ganesan said when asked why he decided to join the COP. “But I couldn’t have done it without my wife’s support!”

Over the years, the couple has reported many suspicious activities to the Police and helped share concerns about safety and security on behalf of their neighbours. “As COP volunteers, we’ve definitely become more vigilant,” said Ganesan. “We always look out for our neighbours.” 

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Partners in fighting crime – our enthusiastic COP volunteers. PHOTO: SPF
The Citizens on Patrol (COP) Programme
This year, the SPF celebrated the 20th anniversary of the COP volunteer programme, with over 50 volunteers receiving Long Service Awards for their contributions. To learn more about the anniversary celebrations, visit this page.
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  1. by Janani Sivalingam
  2. 30 June 2019
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