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NUS Students Pledge to Safeguard Their Community
What started out as an idea came to fruition for Mr Syafiq Bin Mohd Abdul Muhaimin Ong when the National University of Singapore (NUS) Civil Defence Lionhearter Club was launched on 14 September 2017.

A fire broke out at the National University of Singapore (NUS) as part of a simulated fire exercise on 14 September 2017. Without hesitation, several members of the NUS Civil Defence Lionhearter Club (CD Lionhearter Club) rushed to the scene of the exercise.

Together with campus security and officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), the NUS CD Lionhearters helped douse the flames, perform first aid on injured casualties and secure the scene.

NUS CD Lionhearters assisting SCDF officers with treating a casualty during the simulated fire exercise. PHOTO: Olivier Lee

All these unfolded during the official launch of the NUS CD Lionhearter Club, an idea first proposed by third-year Global Studies student Mr Syafiq Bin Mohd Abdul Muhaimin Ong. 

Mr Syafiq, the Club's President, decided to reach out to his friends from his National Service days in the SCDF, as well as his NUS peers to form an Executive Committee in 2016.
[IMAGECAPTIONAssociate Professor Ho Peng Kee, Chairman of the Home Team Volunteer Network (right) presenting an NUS CD Lionhearter with his CD Lionhearter patch during the inauguration ceremony. PHOTO: Olivier Lee[/IMAGECAPTION]

The Committee’s efforts paid off and the club welcomed 140 members just one month after it began actively recruiting in August 2017.

“Our numbers indicate that there are students in the NUS community who are interested in picking up essential Emergency Preparedness (EP) skills. As a student fraternity, we aim to provide a safe and comfortable environment for those who want to be trained in EP skills,” Mr Syafiq said.

The NUS CD Lionhearters, like all other CD Lionhearters, are tertiary students trained by the SCDF through a Community Emergency Preparedness Programme (CEEP) that focuses on skills such as first aid, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and basic firefighting skills.

"I was very inspired by how the NUS Lionhearters were trained in emergency preparedness and they were also passing on their skills to the wider community. I thought it was very noble and worthwhile cause and that's what motivated me to become an NUS CD Lionhearter," said Ms Rachel Lim, 18, an NUS CD Lionhearter member.


Mr Syafiq Bin Mohd Abdul Muhaimin Ong (right) and Ms Rachel Lim (left) during the NUS CD Lionhearter club’s official launch. PHOTO: Olivier Lee

Speaking during the inauguration ceremony of the NUS CD Lionhearters, Associate Professor (A/P) Ho Peng Kee, Chairman of the Home Team Volunteer Network, congratulated the NUS CD Lionhearters for joining the 800 strong CD Lionhearter fraternity.

“I want to encourage the rest of the NUS community to never take safety and security for granted. As Civil Defence Lionhearters you must take up the responsibility of spreading the message of safety and emergency preparedness to your fellow students and the wider community,” A/P Ho said.

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  1. by Jaiesh Sachi
  2. 21 September 2017
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