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Police Day Parade 2018: A Tale of Two Commanders
Two senior SPF officers; one shared commitment to serving Singapore with courage, loyalty, integrity and fairness.

Central Police Division: In the Middle of the Action
As Commander of the Singapore Police Force’s (SPF) Central Police Division, Assistant Commissioner of Police (AC) Arthur Law has had a busy year. 

“One of our key challenges is that our terrain covers downtown Singapore, so we have a lot of operations throughout the year, as many events are held here,” said the 48-year-old. 

Central Police Division is also the smallest of the Land Divisions, comprising three Neighbourhood Police Centres (NPCs): Bukit Merah East NPC, Rochor NPC and Marina Bay NPC. With an operational area of 27 square kilometres and a residential population of about 280,000 people, the Division’s scope includes the Central Business District, residential estates such as Tanjong Pagar, Jalan Besar and Serangoon, and cultural hot-spots like Chinatown, Little India, Golden Mile Complex and Peninsula Plaza. 

What drives his officers to give their best is the bond they share. “Camaraderie is a force multiplier at Central Police Division,” said AC Arthur, who has been with the SPF for 22 years. “We’re a small Division and don’t have as many NPC resources to tap on, so whenever there’s an incident, we pool all our resources to get the job done.” 

7 June 2018 Police Day Central Div
Standing as one: Established in 1867, Central Police Division is regarded as the longest-serving unit in Singapore. Under AC Arthur, the Division saw a 0.3% decrease in overall crime, the second lowest recorded in 10 years. PHOTO: Muhamad Khair Masod

Busting the Bitcoin Bandits
It was this all-for-one spirit that helped the team make swift arrests in a Bitcoin robbery case in April where criminals posing as bitcoin sellers robbed $365,000. Working swiftly, the officers were able to apprehend the two suspects within two days of the offense through extensive groundwork.

“Besides our Investigation Branch officers who were working the case, we also mobilised teams from the NPCs for support, because everyone has a part to play,” recalled AC Law. “We needed to act quickly on the ground and cast our net wide.” 

This commitment to service was recognised at the Police Day Parade on 3 June 2018 when Central Police Division received the Best Land Division Award. “Our objective has always been to do our best, and we’re thankful that our best got us this Award,” said AC Arthur. 

Recognising our TransCom Guardians
This year’s Police Day Parade saw another milestone: the first time a specialist unit clinched the Best National Service (NS) Operationally Ready Unit honour. It was a proud moment for Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police (DAC) (NS) Wan Chee Tong, NS Commander of the Public Transport Security Command (TransCom). 

7 June 2018 Police Day
DAC Wan receiving TransCom’s award from Minister for Home Affairs Mr K Shanmugam. PHOTO: SPF

“Proud, privileged, humbled, thankful – that’s how we feel,” said DAC Wan. “This is a recognition of the effort of all who played a part in TransCom – our Regular officers, our Full-time National Servicemen and, of course, our NSmen.” 

TransCom officers play an essential role that often goes unnoticed by members of the public. “If you take public transport, you’ll probably see our officers on patrol,” said the 49-year-old. “These are young officers with a lot of commitment. Over the years, they’ve taken on more and more frontline duties, and they know their NS is meaningful.”

DAC Wan works hard to ensure that his officers maintain this spirit and they are operationally ready. “We try to put NSmen who served NS together as much as possible,” said DAC Wan. “We also arrange for those who stay near one another to meet and exercise together, as well as provide guidance to hone their shooting skills. What they want is to contribute to keeping Singapore safe and secure.”

Police Day Parade 2018
The Police Day Parade celebrates the achievements of the SPF; recognises the contributions of officers past and present; and lets officers renew their pledge to serve Singapore and carry out their duties with courage, loyalty, integrity and fairness. This year’s Police Day Parade was held on 3 June 2018 at the Home Team Academy, with over 800 participants from various Police Divisions, specialist units, the Volunteer Special Constabulary and the National Police Cadet Corps taking part.
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  1. by Desmond Ang
  2. 07 June 2018
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