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Sentosa, State of (Secure) Fun
How one of Singapore’s top leisure destinations has embraced the SGSecure movement.

In June 2018, the eyes of the world turned to Sentosa, our very own State of Fun, when it played host to the historic DPRK-USA Singapore Summit. 

Key to the success of the session was the safety and security of guests and visitors, no small order given the unique qualities of Sentosa – the island has a residential precinct with over 6,000 residents; over 200 F&B and retail outlets; 15 hotels; two golf courses; one integrated resort; and almost 20 million visitors each year. 

SGSecure SDC 01
Rangers on duty: Mr Lee Cheow Hiang and his team have worked to bring the SGSecure message to Sentosa. PHOTO: Home Team News
According to Mr Lee Cheow Hiang, Security Director, Sentosa Development Corporation, what ties all of their safety and security efforts together is a focus on the SGSecure message. He shares how the SDC has helped staff, partners and stakeholders to internalise the SGSecure national movement, together with the rest of Singapore. On Sentosa, it’s all about having fun, with Emergency Preparedness in mind. 

Why is it important for the SDC to embrace the SGSecure movement? 
Sentosa is a leading leisure destination in Asia, and is overseen by the SDC as Place Manager. It’s important for us to embrace the SGSecure movement as the safety and well-being of everyone on Sentosa is our top priority. We make every effort to ensure that our guests, residents and stakeholders have peace of mind at all times. 

Who’s driving SGSecure at the SDC? 
It’s a collaboration between the Sentosa Resilience Department and our Human Resource Division. The team regularly contextualises and disseminates the latest security threat information to staff and stakeholders, particularly during festive periods when visitor numbers increase. 

SGSecure SDC 02
State of vigilance: Ensuring that residents, staff and visitors have a safe and enjoyable time on Sentosa. PHOTOS: Home Team News

How is the SDC driving the SGSecure movement?
After the official launch of SGSecure in September 2016, the SDC was enrolled as one of the pioneer public agencies to learn about SGSecure. With the support of our executive team, the SGSecure initiative was incorporated into the SDC’s annual mass outreach programme, to immediately create awareness within the whole of our agency. 

This was an important first step for us. Having raised SGSecure awareness amongst our staff, we’ve moved on to train all our frontline staff to become Responders by having them certified in first aid and using the AED (Automated Electronic Defribillator), as well as learning basic fire-fighting skills. SGSecure has also been integrated into our orientation programme for new staff. We’re also developing an e-learning module with SGSecure content contextualised  for Sentosa’s unique operating environment, to keep staff updated on principles of emergency Preparedness. 

We’ve also become more vigilant on the ground to look out for suspicious persons, items or behaviour. Sentosa’s community policing concept is known as “See, Say, Solve,” our frontline staff are also trained in TOPSIS (Threat-Oriented Person Screening Integrated System) which complements the SGSecure message by increasing our “eyes and ears” on the ground. 

Finally, as part of the SGSecure movement, we'll be organising an event with a concept that's similar to the neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Day, as part of our annual Sentosa Community Resilience Day, to share important safety and security awareness messages with all our stakeholders.

SGSecure SDC 04 Community
Embedding SGSecure into the community through a range of activities. PHOTOS: SDC

What challenges do you face sharing the SGSecure message with such a diverse group of stakeholders? 
Thankfully, given the current security climate, our island partners and stakeholders all recognise the importance of being prepared. Our first major concerted SGSecure event was Exercise Heartbeat, held in January 2018. Not only did it involve one of our island partners, KidZania Singapore, it was also a public showcase of how the SGSecure messages “Run, Hide, Tell” and “Press, Tie, Tell” could be applied in a simulated terrorist attack. We were pleased that most of our island partners were able to join in as observers during the exercise. 

What’s been your best experience in driving SGSecure on Sentosa?
We’ve observed a higher number of security inquiries and observations being reported, and are heartened that the SGSecure message has resonated so well with our staff, island partners and stakeholders. This is a testament to the fundamental change in mindset of everyone on Sentosa – we recognise that the terror threat is real, and that everyone can play a part in Emergency Preparedness.

SGSecure SDC 03
Inside the command centre of the SDC's Resilience Department. PHOTO: Home Team News
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  1. by Mike Tan
  2. 27 July 2018
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