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SGSecure: NUS Readies Itself Against Terror
Students and staff of the National University of Singapore demonstrated their ability to respond to an emergency during an Emergency Preparedness exercise at University Town.

NUS’ UTown was “rocked by explosions as students hid from an armed intruder who set off explosives” before being subdued by Emergency Response Team officers from the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

Such was the scene at an Emergency Preparedness exercise held at the NUS Stephen Riady Centre on the morning of 23 January 2018.

A joint effort between Queenstown Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) and the NUS Office of Campus Security, the exercise also involved officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and members of the NUS Civil Defence (CD) Lionhearter Club.

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NUS CD Lionhearters using an Automated External Defibrillator and performing Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation. PHOTO: Nur Amni Amran

Here are some of their thoughts on the exercise.

Syazwani Binte Daud Dave Nonis, NUS Civil Defence Lionhearter

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Beyond books: Students like Syazwani Binte Daud Dave Nonis are taking the opportunity to sharpen their lifesaving skills while studying at NUS. PHOTO: Nur Amni Amran

Syazwani, 20, joined the NUS CD Lionhearter Club in November 2017, spurred on by a desire to pick up first aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and basic firefighting skills. “After becoming a CD Lionhearter, I learnt useful skills such as how to bandage wounds effectively and how to ‘Run, Hide and Tell’ during a terror attack. This is important as you never know when a crisis might happen,” said Syazwani.

Syazwani’s newfound skills certainly came in handy during the exercise when she used an Automated External Defibrillator to revive a “casualty” and helped her fellow students hide from a violent “gunman”.

“When the gunman appeared and started firing his weapon, I was genuinely frightened, even though I knew it was just an exercise. But then I recalled all my training and ran into a safe space with the other students before blocking the door and calling for help,” said Syazwani. “Having gone through this exercise, I know that if a terror attack were to happen, I’ll be able to act fast and help those around me.”

Station Inspector (SI) Valent Hee, Community Policing Unit officer, Queenstown NPC

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Having previously shared the SGSecure message with the public, SI Valent is eager to reach out to tertiary students. PHOTO: Nur Amni Amran

Committed to sharing the SGSecure message with students is Station Inspector (SI) Valent Hee, a Community Policing Unit (CPU) officer from Queenstown NPC, and one of the coordinators of the exercise.

Given that UTown and the NUS campus are crowded areas, SI Valent and his fellow CPU officers saw a need to impart Emergency Preparedness skills to faculty and students. “Queenstown NPC’s partnership with NUS is one of the first in which we’ll work with tertiary institutions, preparing and training students and staff to respond quickly during a terror attack,” said SI Valent.

Adam Wong, Manager, NUS Office of Safety, Health & Environment

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Among the partners who are helping to bring SGSecure onto the NUS campus is Adam Wong. PHOTO: Nur Amni Amran

Helping to bridge the gap between the SPF and the CD Lionhearters was the NUS Office of Safety, Health & Environment, where Adam is a Manager. “NUS decided to get the CD Lionhearters involved in the exercise as they are already trained in skills such as Improvised First Aid, and they were very keen to take part,” said Adam. “My colleagues and I helped the SPF reach out to the students and make sure that they knew what to expect during the exercise.”

Having seen how well the CD Lionhearters responded during the exercise, Adam is optimistic about involving more students and staff for further EP exercises.

“A terror attack can happen at any time and any place. It’s important that all student and faculty members equip themselves with basic first aid and firefighting skills as you never know when you might need to step in and help save lives,” said Adam.

This sentiment was shared by Mr Tan Hock Seng, Deputy Director (Operations) of the NUS Office of Campus Security. "This exercise was a great opportunity for us to reach out to a larger audience to highlight and demonstrate how Community Vigilance, Community Cohesion and Community Resilience can be applied in NUS," he said. "We hope to carry out similar exercises on a regular basis in the future."

PHOTOS: Nur Amni Amran

Find out how you can do your part to keep Singapore safe at the SGSecure website.

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  1. by Jaiesh Sachi
  2. 26 January 2018
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