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SGSecure: Wonder Mums to the Rescue!
Mums – aren't they just the best? :) In our Mother's Day Special, we speak to three mums who've taken the extra steps of safeguarding their loved ones by embracing the SGSecure movement.

11 May 2018 Collage Mothers Day SGSecure
Ms Lindda Chia, 52, believes it’s important to be prepared for emergencies. That’s why the mother of three is a Community Emergency and Engagement Committee (C2E) member at Pasir Ris East, and has even inspired her hubby and daughter to join the SGSecure movement. Lindda shares how she once came to the aid of someone in need. 

11 May 2018 Lindda Chia Mothers Day SGSecure
Lindda’s passion to help others inspired her husband and daughter to join her as members of Pasir Ris East C2E. PHOTO: Desmond Ang

“Last year, a man collapsed right in front of me at Changi Airport. He appeared to be choking, and his wife began to panic, so the first thing I did was to assure her. She was crying and didn’t dare to approach us, so I just told her, ‘Keep calm; we’ll do our best to help him’.”

“Several onlookers suggested that the man was having a stroke, but I could tell he wasn’t because he could still talk to me. I helped him up and gave him some water, but after taking a sip, his face started to turn blue. 

“I hit the man firmly on his back, as I’d been trained to do, and he managed to throw up what was choking him. 

“I waited with the man until the emergency responders arrived. He told me he was from Penang, and was visiting his son in Singapore.

“When this incident happened, several onlookers had shouted, “Call a doctor!’ But if we just stand around and do nothing, it might be too late for someone who needs our help.”

It was a tragic moment in our national history that gave Mdm Latifah Binte Suradi, 58, the impetus to pick up Emergency Preparedness skills. On 20 April 2004, she witnessed the collapse of the Nicoll Highway, and so decided to learn first aid in order to render assistance in times of crisis. She shares her story with us. 

11 May Mdm Latifah SGSecure Mothers Day
Mdm Latifah is an avid believer in being prepared. PHOTO: Desmond Ang

“I was working in an office located at the corner of the building facing Nicoll Highway, and the collapse happened right before my eyes. I was shocked to hear a loud, crashing sound, and saw the implosion. I witnessed trucks disappearing into a big hole, and it was quite traumatic for several of us.

“After that incident, I attended Emergency Preparedness and basic first aid courses provided by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) In 2005, I became a C2E member and ended up taking advanced courses like learning how to convert residential spaces into community bomb shelters in the event of emergency. 

“I want to help people, and taking first aid and AED lessons can contribute to the safety of our families and friends. I became a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member seven years ago, and I continue to volunteer with both the C2E and CERT. 

“Even before the SGSecure movement was launched, being trained in Emergency Preparedness helped me feel like I could do something for the community. SGSecure teaches us to be vigilant as well, and this helps us to be more aware of suspicious articles or behaviour. 

“SGSecure is something that my whole family believes in. My son served with the Police Coast Guard during his National Service (NS). Six months after he completed his NS, he joined the Singapore Prison Service. When I asked him why, he said it was his calling. He was recently promoted to Sergeant, and got married in March. My daughter-in-law is a counsellor with Changi Prison. So now I have a family of Home Team officers!”

Ms Desiree Cai, 38, started volunteering with the Sengkang West C2E two years ago. The administrative officer has a four-year-old daughter and her husband is a former Police officer. She explains how we can all play a part in being prepared. 

11 May 2018 Dez Chai Mothers Day SGSecure
PHOTO: Desmond Ang

“SGSecure is crucial to the safety and security of my loved ones because it teaches us to be alert and vigilant. We know what to do if an emergency happens, and to stay calm. 

“My husband served his NS as a Police officer, and I had some Emergency Preparedness training during my previous job in the airline industry. I’m now a member of my neighbourhood C2E, having completed the SCDF’s Community Emergency Preparedness Programme in 2017. 

“We also make it a point to remind our colleagues at work and friends to download the app. We can all play a part!”
11 May PA SGSecure Mothers Day Family Collage
Let’s hear it for the mums and their families (from left): Mdm Latifah, Lindda and Desiree. PHOTOS: Lindda Chia, Mdm Latifah Binte Suradi and Desiree Chai

Learn more about the SGSecure movement.
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