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Starting a New Chapter at Woodlands Police Division
How SPF officers from different units came together to form Woodlands Police Division, Singapore’s newest Police land division.

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A new start: SSSGT Muhammad Izzad and SSGT Koh Xiu Ming are among the GRF officers who came together to form Woodlands Police Division. PHOTOS: Fatris Bin Jasmin

Goodbyes don’t always come easily.

“Over time, colleagues become acquaintances, and later friends,” said Senior Staff Sergeant (SSSGT) Muhammad Izzad. “Eventually, they become family.”

The veteran officer had spent a decade with Woodlands East Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC), which was previously under the jurisdiction of Jurong Police Division. In late-2018, the NPC was placed under Woodlands Police Division, the seventh and latest land division in Singapore.

Officially opened in March 2019, Woodlands Police Division was established to better serve the needs of residents in northern Singapore. The change required a reorganisation of Singapore Police Force (SPF) units and resources, with NPCs and new teams coming together to form the seventh land division.

For Staff Sergeant (SSGT) Koh Xiu Ming, the change was bittersweet. Though he was excited to play his part in the new team, he’d spent five years with Sembawang NPC as a Ground Response Force (GRF) officer before it was placed under Woodlands Police Division. “But I still get to meet my ex-colleagues from Ang Mo Kio Police Division on major deployments,” he said.

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Operational hub: Based in a 12-storey complex at Woodlands Street 12, Woodlands Police Division Headquarters is home to Woodlands West NPC and features round-the-clock self-service kiosks as well as private report rooms for a more comfortable report-lodging experience. PHOTOS: Fatris Bin Jasmin,  SPF

A New Team Spirit, a New Way to Work
Officers of Woodlands Police Division have been eager to bond with their new team-mates. Both SSSGT Izzad and SSGT Koh have enjoyed meeting officers from other NPCs during their monthly in-service training sessions. “We work on dynamic scenarios that require good teamwork and communication,” said SSGT Koh. “This has helped us to build a new network of friends.”

Woodlands Police Division is also the first to introduce new work processes and tech-enabled systems to help residents better access Police services. Adapting to these processes hasn’t been difficult for the officers, and SSSGT Izzad attributes the smooth transition to his colleagues.

As a GRF officer, he works closely with Investigation Officers (IOs) on cases. “Although we haven’t worked before with many of the IOs in our Division, they’ve gone out of their way to answer any queries we have about new processes that are in place," he said. "This helps us to work better together.” 

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New bonds, same sense of dedication: Both officers remain steadfast in discharging their duties as officers. PHOTO: Fatris Bin Jasmin

Both officers are committed to doing their best, as one team. “We may have left behind colleagues from our previous Divisions,” noted SSSGT Izzad, “but now, we have the opportunity to make new friends.”

This sentiment was echoed by SSGT Koh. “At the end of the day, we’re all Police officers and will always uphold the law,” he said. “Now that Woodlands Police Division is fully operational, we’re in a better position to fight crime in northern Singapore.”
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  1. by Fatris Bin Jasmin
  2. 29 March 2019
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