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The Lifesavers Among Us
Two Community First Responders share why they’ve stepped forward to help others using their lifesaving skills.

Phone, wallet and keys – these are some of the things we never leave our house without. For 20-year-old Rex Ang, it’s his trauma bag.

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All-in-one: Containing more than 20 medical supplies and equipment, Rex’s trauma bag is ready for cases any time. PHOTO: Natasha Razak
Rex carries his “huge first aid kit” everywhere because of his passion to help others. As a volunteer Community First Responder, he has attended to over 20 cases through the myResponder app from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). 

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An aspiration to serve: Rex is currently pursuing a Diploma in Nursing and is also a member of the Singapore Red Cross Society. PHOTO: Natasha Razak
Serving the Community
Rex has attended to cases ranging from cardiac arrests to minor fire incidents. Not only have these given him the opportunity to save lives and property, they have offered him a new perspective on what it means to serve others. 

In 2018, Rex had to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation on a young boy who was found unconscious in his house. “Imagine being a parent and seeing your child lying on the ground and not breathing,” he recalled. Thankfully, Rex was able to assist the child before SCDF Paramedics arrived and took over. 

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A community of volunteer lifesavers: The theme for this year’s Civil Defence Lionhearter Forum was “SCDF Community First Responders: Towards A Nation of Lifesavers”. PHOTO: Natasha Razak
Sharing Their Volunteer Experiences
To commemorate 150 years of Civil Defence volunteerism, Rex and other Community First Responders were invited to share their experiences at this year’s Civil Defence Lionhearter Forum. Among those who spoke at the Forum was 22-year-old Corporal (CPL) (NS) Jeremy Chua. He has attended to over 20 cases ranging from medical emergencies to minor fires and traffic incidents.

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Next-generation lifesaver: CPL Jeremy is a Full-Time SCDF National Serviceman who is currently serving at the National Civil Defence Cadet Corps Headquarters. PHOTO: Natasha Razak
CPL (NS) Jeremy volunteers with his local Community Emergency and Engagement Committee as part of a group of young first aiders. Together, they volunteer at community events and respond to emergencies in their neighbourhood. 

At the Forum, CPL (NS) Jeremy recalled how his confidence grew as he attended to various cases. Once, he even helped to control a fire all by himself before it could escalate.

Fighting a Fire 
The incident took place in 2018. CPL (NS) Jeremy had received a notification through the myResponder app about an incident at the centralised rubbish chute of a block of flats. “I saw an orange and red glow at the chute, so I knew it was definitely a fire,” he said. 

CPL (NS) Jeremy noticed two gas cylinders right beside the fire. As these were highly flammable, he immediately moved them to a safe area. Then he used a nearby hosereel to set up a water curtain to prevent the fire from spreading. 

SCDF firefighters arrived shortly after and took over. The day was saved, thanks to CPL (NS) Jeremy’s quick thinking and action. 

Rex and CPL (NS) Jeremy are just two of the many Community First Responders who step forward to help keep Singapore safe and secure. “Coming on board as a volunteer has really increased my interest in Emergency Preparedness,” said CPL (NS) Jeremy. “Now I want to help organise more of such activities in my community!” 

Civil Defence Lionhearter Forum 2019
This year’s Civil Defence Lionhearter Forum brought together volunteer lifesavers from Civil Defence Lionhearter Clubs, the National Civil Defence Cadet Corps and the Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit. Read the speech delivered by Mr Amrin Amin, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, at the Forum. 
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  1. by Janani Sivalingam
  2. 24 May 2019
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