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This is What a Police Officer Looks Like
Many roles, one team spirit – meet six officers of Woodlands Police Division.

SPF This is What a Police Officer Looks Like 2019

You know them as our Home Team Guardians, working hard 24/7 to keep Singapore safe and secure. In our GUARDIANS photo series, we hear their personal stories, told from the heart.

Officially opened in March 2019, Woodlands Police Division is the newest divisional headquarters of the Singapore Police Force (SPF), and was established to serve the needs of residents in the north. The Division drew officers from Jurong Police Division and Ang Mo Kio Police Division, establishing a fantastic team spirit in the process. Here are the stories of six officers of Woodlands Police Division.

SPF INSP Surjan Singh 2019
PHOTOS: Soo Jun Xiang

Inspector Surjan Singh, 50
Deputy Officer-in-Charge, Community Policing Unit

“In the Woodlands area, police officers, residents and volunteers work together closely. We’ve managed to build a strong sense of trust within our community, and through this, we can collaborate better.

“When our community volunteers are called to assist us, we know we can count on them. And when they need our advice, we’re just a phone call away.

“I love connecting with people I meet on the job. That’s why I hope my children will also follow my path of helping those in need.”

SPF INSP Henry Thong 2019


Station Inspector Henry Thong, 41
Emergency Response Team (ERT) Deputy Team Leader

“ERT teams are specially trained in tactical and counter-assault skills to respond to terrorist attacks and public security situations, and support Ground Response Force officers. I lead my team to conduct patrols in areas with high footfall. Our presence acts as a form of deterrence and provides members of the public with a sense of assurance.

"ERT officers also engage stakeholders to build rapport and develop contingency response plans, as well as conduct joint security exercises to strengthen our response against terrorism.

“Being an ERT officer is physically demanding work. We not only conduct patrols, but also need to respond swiftly and decisively to public security and violent crime incidents, while wearing our standard assault gear, which weighs almost 20kg.

“As an ERT Deputy Team Leader, I have a responsibility, not only to myself, but to my team members. I need to set an example, and I exercise regularly to stay fit.”

SPF HTS15 Nur Amalina Zafirah Bte 2019


HTS15 Nur Amalina Zafirah Bte Sukimin, 28
Crime Scene Specialist

“As a Crime Scene Specialist, I analyse and process crime scenes together with an  Investigation Officer to identify and collect evidence related to crimes. I also examine the evidence collected from crime scenes for fingerprints and possible traces of DNA.

“During my journey with the Home Team, I’ve had various postings, from the Criminal Investigation Department to Jurong Police Division. The experiences gained from these postings were memorable and have kept me motivated to serve.

“I’ve recently become a mother. When I’m not working, I spend most of my time with my baby, baking or watching shows on Netflix!”

SPF INSP Muhammad Hafiez 2019


Station Inspector Muhammad Hafiez Bin Adam, 42
Admin Officer

“I’ve been in the Force for 19 years and remain dedicated to serving Singapore. On the job, you see and learn many things that contribute to your life experiences.

“My other passion is motorcycles, and I’ve been collecting them since I was 18-years-old. I love taking my vintage 1959 Lambretta scooter for a spin!

“Recently, I’ve also taken up stand-up paddle-boarding. It’s quite different from other sports. It really teaches you how to maintain your balance and remain calm, with the waves trying to throw you off balance. There are lessons that can be applied to Policing too!”

SPF SGT 3 Tan Jia Li 2019


Sergeant Tan Jia Li, 26
Assistant Planning Officer

“My work involves planning, budgetary management, coordinating development projects and hosting official visits to the Woodlands Police Division.

“I’m elated that my work allows me to develop holistically. In addition to my core duties, I’m also a trainer with the Special Women’s Task Team, where I train fellow female officers to deal with public order incidents.

“In my free time, I like to travel. I just got married in October. We haven’t planned our honeymoon yet, but my husband and I both enjoy getting insights into different cultures.”

SPF SGT Koh Ying Cong 2019


Sergeant Koh Ying Cong, 20
TransCom Group Leader

“I’m serving my National Service as a TransCom (Public Security Security Command) officer. I patrol the public transport network to make sure that it is safe and secure.

"My passion to serve the community started when I was in Secondary School. I was previously the President of the Rotaract Club of Bukit Gombak, a youth-focused club that helps the community-at-large. I still help out in Rotaract projects whenever I have the time.

“Next year, I’ll be furthering my studies in Business Management in Australia, but I'll continue to find time to serve the community!”

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