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Three Things We Saw at the CNB’s First-ever Community Roadshow
Aware, Adopt, Advocate – also, kids, pets and volunteers. ☺

If you weren’t at Bedok Town Square last weekend, you’d have missed the first-ever Community Roadshow organised by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB). Designed around the themes “Aware, Adopt, Advocate”, the bustling event marked the CNB’s latest effort to bring the anti-drug message into the heartlands. Here are three things we saw at the roadshow!

CNB Community Roadshow 01
At the CNB community roadshow. PHOTOS: Hanafi Bin Kasmadi

#1. The Kids are Alright
One of the best things about bringing a roadshow into the community is that you get to meet the whole family – literally. Dropping by the exhibition area were grannies, grandads, mums, fathers, aunts, uncles and kids – lots and lots of kids. This lent a festive air to the roadshow, and it was heartening to see how they took to the drug-free message. 

This spirit of engagement drove the launch of the Drug Free Zone Campaign, with a logo designed by Muhammad Syukur Bin Muhammad Faizal, a student of Assumption Pathway School. “I chose red and used big fonts to emphasise the word ‘FREE’ as I wanted to capture people’s attention,” he explained. “I hope that drugs will soon disappear in Singapore and that we will be a drug-free country.” 

Look out for the Drug Free Zone decal, which has already been adopted by Singapore Post and Shalom Movers, members of the United Against Drugs Coalition, which comprises organisations from the public and  private sectors. The two firms will display the decal at their offices and on their fleet of vehicles.

CNB Community Roadshow 02
Collective resolution: Committing to the anti-drug lifestyle at the Pledge Collection Zone. PHOTOS: Hanafi Bin Kasmadi

#2. Pledges and Pets
Making a pledge is a great way for people to take ownership of the anti-drug message. And sure enough, the Pledge Collection Zone at the community roadshow proved to be one of the more popular attractions, with numerous residents declaring their support for an anti-drug lifestyle.  

Just as popular was the Pet Therapy Zone. Here, residents interacted with the super-friendly canines of Therapy Dogs Singapore and learnt about healthy alternatives that they can turn to in times of stress, rather than seeking escape in drugs. And, keeping to this life-affirming theme, screenings were held of the movie ‘A Street Cat Named Bob,’ the story of a busker and one-time heroin addict who turns his life around with the help of his adopted feline. The feels…

CNB Community Roadshow 03
A rocking good time in Bedok – volunteers young and old at the roadshow. PHOTOS: Hanafi Bin Kasmadi

#3. Volunteers with Verve
CNB’s first-ever community roadshow saw over 3,000 visitors coming together to learn more about the anti-drug message. But equally heartening was the large number of volunteers – young and old – who stepped forward to help share this message. Whether it was handing out Drug Free Zone decals or folding pledge ribbons, these happy supporters were a big part of the roadshow’s success. 

Among the eager volunteers were Kwan Chong Hui and Janice Ngoh, both 17 and students of Singapore Polytechnic. They came on Saturday and Sunday to help out, and were thrilled by the public response. “I like that the roadshow is open to everyone,” said Kwong Hui. “It’s much more exciting, and interactive.”

“We’ve attended anti-drug sessions in school before,” said Janice, “but having a roadshow lets us reach out to more people. The anti-drug message is not just for students, but for everyone, of all ages.”
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  1. by Mike Tan
  2. 11 April 2018
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