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Ties that Bind in the Home Team
As we celebrate International Siblings Day, two pairs of siblings share their stories of serving in the Home Team!

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PHOTOS: Natasha Razak

A sibling relationship is said to be one of life’s longest lasting bonds. From birth and beyond, siblings watch one another grow and cross many milestones in life together. We spoke to two pairs of siblings who explain how serving in the Home Team has helped to strengthen the ties that bind. 

The K-Drama Siblings
Lieutenant (LTA) Genevieve Lim of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) underwent her eight-month-long Rota Commander Course (RCC) in 2014. Towards the last two months of her training, her younger brother, Sergeant (SGT) Jonathan Lim, attended his Section Commander Course (SCC) at the Civil Defence Academy (CDA) as well. 

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Different paths to the Life-Saving Force: LTA Genevieve graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in Chemistry while SGT Jonathan graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic with a diploma in Nursing. PHOTO: Natasha Razak

The siblings would meet at the common area on most nights before lights out. There, they filled their tummies with cup noodles while sharing stories about the day’s training. 

LTA Genevieve completed her RCC and became a Rota Commander at Sengkang Fire Station. In 2015, she was posted to Tampines Fire Station. A year later, she was posted to her current posting – Senior Instructing Officer at CDA. 

SGT Jonathan completed his SCC in 2014 too and was a Paramedic trainee at Bishan Fire Station until he was posted to Paya Lebar Fire Station as a full-fledged Paramedic in 2016. 

While their duties as SCDF officers keep them busy, the siblings do try to keep in touch, to offer words of encouragement and advice. “I visit SCDF Headquarters two to three times a month for meetings, and I’ll drop by Paya Lebar Fire Station if Jonathan happens to be on duty too,” LTA Genevieve, 30, shared. 

“We also try to train together for our IPPT whenever we can,” SGT Jonathan, 25, chimed in. 

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A shared commitment to saving lives: LTA Genevieve and SGT Jonathan. PHOTO: Natasha Razak

What unites the pair is a passion for SCDF’s mission. “I’m glad to play a part in safeguarding people’s lives and properties,” said LTA Genevieve.

Added SGT Jonathan: “I like the ‘human’ touch of my job. Not only am I able to provide medical care to victims, I’m also able to interact with their family members.”

The siblings share other interests such as playing Pokemon and watching K-Dramas. Among their favourites are Descendants of the Sun and Korean Odyssey

In March 2018, the K-Drama fans saved up for a trip to South Korea. SCDF officers to the core, the duo made it a priority to learn more about the fire service there. “That was the fun part of our trip,” recalled LTA Genevieve. “I’d previously hosted several South Korean participants who attended HazMat training at CDA. So, when we visited South Korea, they kindly offered to bring us around a fire station!”

The Inseparable Pair
Growing up, Staff Sergeant (SSGT) Mohammad Iraimi and SSGT Nur Adelina studied in the same schools – Xingnan Primary School, Jurong Secondary School and Singapore Polytechnic – from the ages of seven to 19. Now, as Police officers, they share a passion for keeping Singapore safe and secure. 

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SSGT Iraimi is currently a Patrol Unit Officer while SSGT Adelina is an Investigation Officer. PHOTO: Natasha Razak

When SSGT Iraimi joined the Singapore Police Force (SPF) in 2011, SSGT Adelina followed suit a year later. Both are now Traffic Police officers. “I saw him coping well in his job and I enjoyed his stories about how he was making a difference as a uniformed officer,” recalled 26-year-old SSGT Adelina. “It made me want to serve in the SPF as well.”

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The chirpy siblings are satisfied in keeping Singapore’s roads safe while handling irresponsible drivers. PHOTO: Natasha Razak

Joining SPF was very much a childhood dream for the siblings. They were inspired by their father, Senior Station Inspector Mohammad Fuat, who has been serving with SPF since 1984. “When we were little, my father would bring us to the annual Police roadshows,” SSGT Adelina shared. “We always got excited at the sight of the Police vehicles on display. I also witnessed residents greeting my father in his uniform, and it made me proud to be his daughter.” 

This sense of pride – as a son, and as an officer – runs equally strong in SSGT Iraimi. He recalled the numerous lessons in duty and values that their father taught them. “I remember that we used to have 5pm curfews when we were in secondary school,” he said. “At the time, I was unhappy about it, but now, I’m thankful that we were brought up in such a disciplined environment!”

  1. by Natasha Razak
  2. 09 April 2019
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