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To Sir and Mdm with Love (Part 2)
In our Teacher's Day Special, we celebrate Home Team Trainers who’ve made a difference from the frontlines to the classroom.

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GRAPHIC: Cheryl Soh
Officers, fall in! Home Team Trainers Lieutenant (LTA) Bobo Tan of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and Inspector (INSP) Sharif Bin Ahmad of the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) have dedicated many years to sculpting young trainees into capable Home Team officers.

Trainer Mentality
“Training can be a challenge at times,” shared LTA Bobo, who joined SCDF in 1996.
“But when you see your trainees performing well in their careers, you know you’ve achieved your objective.”

Having received the Workforce Skills Qualification Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment, LTA Bobo is a certified Trainer with SCDF. She also received a Home Team Training Excellence Award in 2018. PHOTO: Jade Tan

LTA Bobo is a Senior Instructing Officer with the Medical Vocation Branch at the Civil Defence Academy. Between planning for special training sessions and conducting lessons for paramedic trainees, LTA Bobo is also exploring the use of e-learning courseware for trainees.

She even created her very own video to make lessons more engaging. “Training used to be conducted as classroom lectures,” explained LTA Bobo. “But now, we’ve moved on to ‘blended learning’, which combines lectures with online programmes so that trainees are able to learn through play.”

Unforgettable Advice
According to LTA Bobo, the incorporation of technology into her teaching ensures that the SCDF trainees can optimise their training and learn from the challenges they face. “In an actual operation, we can’t afford to make mistakes,” she stressed. “But our trainees can do so in training, and learn from them.”

Seeing her trainees progress to become trained paramedics is heartening to LTA Bobo. Here’s what she shares with each cohort of young lifesavers: “Be kind. People call for an ambulance because they are in need. So always remember to be kind, and to try your best.”

Understanding the Trainees
INSP Sharif is a Principal Trainer with ICA Training Command. With 38 years of service under his belt, he understands the arduous demands of operational duties.

As a Principal Trainer, INSP Sharif has kept up with his own learning, to keep his skills current and relevant. Besides taking various courses, he has also acquired the Advance Certificate in Training and Assessment.

Vigilance is INSP Sharif’s mantra, one he’s sure to share with ICA trainees. PHOTO: Cheryl Soh

As ICA officers constantly engage with members of the public, self-confidence is especially crucial. “These days, our approach to teaching trainees is more holistic,” shared INSP Sharif. “It's not only about whether trainees understand a module or topic; it's also about polishing their conversational skills and the way they interact with people.”

Forming a Connection

INSP Sharif constantly seeks to impart advice to help his trainees understand the values that ICA officers should embody. “As we fulfil our responsibilities and uphold the law, we also need to show care and concern," he said. "Sometimes, marvellous things can happen when people open up to you.”

In addition to being a trainer, INSP Sharif is also a certified Paracounsellor who is committed to forming genuine connections with his fellow officers and trainees. “I talk to them and try to know them better,” he explained. “Outside of the classroom, we’re friends. I always tell them that they can approach me if they have problems.”

To all our Home Team Trainers, thank you and Happy Teachers’ Day!

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  1. by Jade Tan
  2. 06 September 2019
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