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Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2019: A Journey of Hope
Friends, families and members of the public gathered at the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run 2019 to show their support for inmates and ex-offenders.

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PHOTOS: Jade Tan

About 10,000 enthusiastic participants gathered at the starting line on 15 September 2019 for the 11th Yellow Ribbon Prison Run to demonstrate their support for inmates and ex-offenders.

Yellow Ribbon Run 2019 Participants

The Yellow Ribbon Prison Run symbolises our commitment to giving ex-offenders a second chance. Every step taken on the Run represents a step towards hope and reconciliation.

Yellow Ribbon Run 2019 President Flag Off

Though the skies had been hazy the day before, the all-clear signal was given in the early hours of Sunday, and spirits were high as participants gathered at the starting line along Farnborough Road. Guest-of-Honour President Halimah Yacob flagged off the 10km and 5km runs, and also joined in the 5km fun walk.

Yellow Ribbon Run 2019 Fun Walk

Along the way, participants passed various sites that represent important milestones in the rehabilitation journey. These included the Selarang Halfway House and Tanah Merah Prison. Volunteers holding signs of encouragement kept the crowd motivated and upbeat.

Yellow Ribbon Run 2019 Old Changi Prison Wall

Participants from all walks of life forged ahead along the winding route towards the finishing line at Changi Prison Complex. After passing through the gate of the iconic Old Changi Prison Wall, the participants ended their journey at the Rehabilitation Fair. Although most of the participants were exhausted from their long trek, their eyes lit up at the sight of the Fair.

Yellow Ribbon Run 2019 Rehabilitation Fair

Through musical performances, art exhibitions and culinary displays, the Rehabilitation Fair showcased the talents of inmates. Participants also learnt about the Yellow Ribbon Project and its many worthwhile initiatives over the years.

Yellow Ribbon Run 2019 Musicians

On the main stage, inmates and officers from Changi Prison Complex gave heart-warming performances for the invigorated crowd of participants. The lively music had everyone dancing in their seats!

Yellow Ribbon Run 2019 Families

This year’s Yellow Ribbon Prison Run raised over $125,000 for the Yellow Ribbon Fund – an initiative supporting rehabilitation programmes for inmates, ex-offenders and their families. Over the past decade, the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run has successfully raised over $1,180,000 for the Yellow Ribbon Fund.

Yellow Ribbon Run 2019 Participants Picture-taking

The success of this year’s Run shows how far the community has come in terms of supporting ex-offenders as they journey towards rehabilitation and reintegration.

Yellow Ribbon Run 2019 Finish Line

This year’s Run demonstrated clearly the unwavering support of the community, and goes a long way towards ensuring that ex-offenders receive the second chance they need to make a new start in their lives.
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  1. by Jade Tan
  2. 18 September 2019
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