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Young Advocate for a Drug-free World
Meet Ms Nur Afikah Norazmi, a bright spark who’s eager to share the anti-drug message, even if it takes her halfway around the world!

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Ms Nur Afikah Norazmi was motivated by her personal experiences to join the anti-drug cause. PHOTO: CNB
It was a dream come true for Ms Nur Afikah Norazmi when she became the first youth delegate to represent Singapore at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Youth Forum in Vienna, Austria, from 12 to 14 March 2018.

The 18-year-old Institute of Technical Education student’s anti-drug views were shaped after seeing friends and relatives struggle with drug addiction and become shadows of their former selves. “As they  became addicted to drugs, they abandoned their responsibilities and turned violent,” said Afikah. “My friends became strangers and my relatives turned away from their loved ones.”

This motivated her to join the Anti-Drug Advocate (ADA) Programme by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) in 2016. As an ADA Advocate, Afikah helps promote anti-drug awareness among students and the youths, and has taken part in anti-drug events such as the 2017 Asia Pacific Forum Against Drugs

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Afikah (second from left) with fellow ADA Advocates at the 2017 Asia Pacific Forum Against Drugs. PHOTO: CNB
“Being an ADA advocate taught me about global anti-drug policies and Singapore’s efforts to rehabilitate drug addicts and young drug offenders,” she said. “This knowledge inspired me to accept the nomination to be Singapore’s delegate to the UNODC Youth Forum.”

Proud to Represent Singapore
At the Forum, Afikah joined 34 other international youth delegates to discuss drug abuse problems plaguing their countries, and to propose solutions. Their views were then condensed into a statement that was presented to international drug policy experts on the last day of the UNODC Youth Forum.

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Young leaders with a cause: Afikah (second from right) with her fellow delegates at the UNODC Youth Forum. PHOTO: Nur Afikah Norazmi

“I was exposed to a variety of views during these discussions, and we talked about how we could decrease overall rates of drug abuse, especially in countries that legalised drug usage,” said Afikah. “I also shared how young people in Singapore are becoming more involved in preventive drug strategies!”

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Afikah presented one of her drawings to Ambassador Günther A Granser (left), Head of Mission from the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, at the end of the UNODC Youth Forum. The drawing symbolises Afikah’s desire to follow her dreams and by floating high like a feather in the wind. PHOTO: Nur Afikah Norazmi
Returning Home with Renewed Resolve
Now back in Singapore, Afikah is determined to make use of her experiences in Vienna to get more youths involved in the anti-drug movement. “I plan to continue my work as an Anti-Drug Advocate, and hope to become a CNB officer after completing my studies,” she said. “I want to further encourage the involvement of the community in countering drug abuse and the harmful effects of drugs!
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  1. by Jaiesh Sachi
  2. 29 March 2018
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