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Young in Age, Big in Spirit
Six selfless individuals – including four Secondary One students – stepped forward to give a lesson in public spiritedness and how we can all make a difference.

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Long-time friends (from left) Megan Seow, Lin Yu Jie, Jose Antonio Alexander and Branson Ong. PHOTO: Mike Tan

Last Wednesday, a traffic accident took place along Geylang East Avenue 1 that left a young boy trapped under a car. Several people in the vicinity immediately came forward to rescue him. Among them were four childhood friends: Megan Seow, Lin Yu Jie and Jose Antonio Alexander of Geylang Methodist Secondary School, and Branson Ong of Maris Stella High School. Here’s their story.

 The four of us had met for lunch and were walking to the MRT to go home.

Jose: We saw people crowding around a car, and could see a hand coming out from under it.

Megan: I felt shocked, because I’d never seen an accident before. We put our bags down and ran to the car.

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Ready to help also were fellow rescuers Mr Huang Han Xiang (left) and Mr Govindan Meyyappan (second from left). PHOTO: Mike Tan

The four friends weren’t the only ones to step forward that afternoon. At the scene were also Mr Huang Han Xiang, 29, and Mr Govindan Meyyappan, 49, both technicians.

Mr Huang: I was riding home on my motorcycle when I saw the accident happen right in front of me. I immediately stopped my bike and went to check on the boy. He was calling for help.

Mr Govin: I was going to work and was walking on the opposite side of the road when I heard a commotion behind me. I could hear someone crying, and turned back to see what had happened. There were about 10 people who rushed to push the car.

Jose: We all took up position on one side of the car and got ready to push.

Mr Huang: The car’s front left tyre was on the boy’s bag, so he wasn’t able to move. We called for those around to help. Together, we lifted the front of the car and pushed it back slightly, so that the boy could come out.

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Next-generation public spiritedness in action. PHOTO: Mike Tan

In the rush to rescue the boy, it wasn’t clear if someone had called for an ambulance. Though Megan had never been in such a situation before, she knew what to do.

Megan: An aunty beside me passed me her handphone and asked if I knew the number of the boy’s parents, so that I could call them. I said, “No,” but told her I could call for an ambulance. So I called 995 and said that there had been an accident in front of Geylang East Public Library. It took about five minutes for the ambulance to arrive.

For her quick thinking and calmness under pressure, Megan received the Community First Responder Award from the Singapore Civil Defence Force while Yu Jie, Jose, Branson, Mr Huang and Mr Govin received the Community Lifesaver Award. According to them, taking action that afternoon was simply the right thing to do.

Mr Huang: When you see an accident happen, you’ll want to help. It’s not every day that you can save a life.

Mr Govin: I was happy to help. If I have a chance to do so, I will.

Yu Jie: I feel proud to receive this award, and to save a life.

Branson: There’s a Chinese saying that goes 助人为快乐之本 (zhu ren wei kuai le zhi ben). It means that it’s a joy to help others. I really believe that.

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  1. by Mike Tan
  2. 26 January 2018
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