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Young Lifesavers to the Fore
It was a race against the clock as Primary School students performed first aid, put out fires and escaped from smoke-filled cages during the Junior Civil Defence Lionhearter Challenge 2018.

Young Life 1
A Junior CD Lionhearter applying IFAS during the Challenge. Points were awarded based on their speed and technique. PHOTO: Jaiesh Sachi

The Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC) was a hive of activity on 14 February 2018 as 84 Junior CD Lionhearters participated, as teams of four, in various challenges related to Emergency Preparedness skills.

Organised by the SDC and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), the event sought to impart lifesaving and first aid skills to Junior CD Lionhearters, allowing them to help others during crises such as fires or terror attacks. Skills imparted and applied during the Challenge included Improvised First Aid Skills (IFAS), Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), the use of an Automated Emergency Defibrillator (AED) and basic firefighting techniques.

We spoke to Elgin Tan, 11, and Nurzurafidah Sugiman, 10, two students from Xingnan Primary School who were members of the winning team at this year’s Junior CD Lionhearter Challenge.

Xingnan Primary students Elgin Tan (front row, second from left) and Nurzurafidah Sugiman (front row, second from right) with Commissioner SCDF Eric Yap (second row, third from right) with the rest of the winning team. PHOTO: Jaiesh Sachi

Which station was the most memorable for you?

Elgin: The CPR station made the biggest impression on me. I had to learn the correct number of chest compressions to use when performing CPR (30 times) and complete the station as fast as possible without making mistakes.


Nurzurafidah: What was also challenging was learning how to use an AED to resuscitate someone suffering from cardiac arrest. Even though it was just a simulated casualty, it prepares me for when I may have to save a life one day

Performing CPR during the Challenge. Participants also had to use an AED to deliver “shocks” to a “casualty”. PHOTO: Jaiesh Sachi

Were there any stations that were especially challenging for the team?

Elgin: Learning how to put out a fire was a bit hard because the extinguisher was quite heavy.

Nurzurafidah: But once we figured it out, it was pretty cool to see the fire being put out!

Home Team News
Challenge participants were guided by SCDF officers on the best way to use a fire extinguisher. PHOTO: Jaiesh Sachi

And at which station did you have the most fun?

Nurzurafidah: The Rescue Cage station! We had to wear helmets and crawl through a room and tunnel that were filled with smoke.


Elgin: I learnt that I have to stay low towards the ground when a room fills with smoke during a fire. That’s because there’s a pocket of cool air at the bottom for us to breathe.

Rescue Cage
A participant escaping from a smoke-filled Rescue Cage by staying low and crawling out quickly, similar to how one should normally escape from a smoky room. PHOTO: Jaiesh Sachi

How do you feel about being Champions of the Junior CD Lionhearter Challenge 2018?

Nurzurafidah: I think it was our teamwork and good communication that helped us to complete the challenges quickly and correctly.


Elgin: We didn’t expect to win first place but I’m thankful that we managed to learn so much about Emergency Preparedness. I hope that when a crisis strikes, we can all work together as quickly as we did today, to apply our skills to save lives and help others.

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  1. by Jaiesh Sachi
  2. 23 February 2018
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