The Home Team Academy conducts courses for officers from all Home Team departments, ranging from new entrants to senior management. The courses are designed to enhance participants’ understanding of the Ministry, the larger operating environment, joint operations, leadership, crisis management, emergency preparedness and communications.

The following milestone courses are run by Home Team Academy:

Facilitator in Training (FiT)

  • The FiT is a customized 3-day course that was co-develop with Civil Service College (CSC) to equip Home Team adjunct trainers with the skills and tools to facilitate both classroom and tactical training effectively.

Upgrading Professionally - Through Specialist Certificate in Adult Learning and Education (UP-SCALE)

  • The UP-SCALE programme previously known as SPECTRA comprises 5 modules, with each module ranging from 2 to 4 days and spread over 10 weeks, was developed out of a collaboration between the Home Team Academy (HTA)

At the moment, the Academy’s courses are not open to external subscription.

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