Home Team Creed


The Home Team Academy supports the Home Team (HT)'s vision - "A Trusted Home Team, A Safe and Secure Singapore". The HT ethos is defined by the values of Honour and Unity.

These form the moral compass guiding us towards our vision.


We will always carry out our mission and serve our country and our people with honour, guided by the values of bravery, impartiality, integrity, and moral courage to do the right thing even in the face of personal danger and adversity. These are necessary for us to command the trust, confidence and respect of our community whom we are sworn to protect.


While individually our departments are strong, collectively we are even stronger when united as a Home Team. Our diversity becomes the source of strength. We work in harmony with our fellow Home Team colleagues and fulfil our duties as a team. We put the collective mission ahead of individual interests. We draw on each other's resources, knowledge and capabilities to keep Singapore safe and secure.

Living the values of Honour and Unity at all times, we are committed to:


We are passionate about learning and we walk the talk by being active learners.


We take pride in serving the Home Team Academy, and adding value to achieve the Home Team's mission.


We are always focused on raising the standards of professionalism and capabilities of Home Team officers, and striving for excellence.

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