Home Team Creed


The Home Team Academy supports the Home Team (HT)'s vision to make Singapore a safe and secure  home for our people. The HT ethos is defined by the values of Honour and Unity.

These form the moral compass guiding us towards our vision.


Steers us to do the right thing always. We have the discipline and courage to do what is right, even under pressure or temptation. We are committed to improve constantly, innovate and excel in what we do and propel the HT towards excellence. Honour sustains us in times of difficulties and fortifies our determination to succeed against all odds.


Binds the HT and makes us resilient. We work in harmony with our fellow HT colleagues and discharge our duties professionally and as a team, regardless of racial, religious, and other personal interests. We share knowledge and experiences with each other to bring the HT to greater heights. Working as one, we achieve strength in our diversity as we strive in unity towards our common vision.

Living the values of Honour and Unity at all times, we are committed to:


We seek to learn continually in order to be the best that we can do.


We serve the people selflessly, with dedication and pride in the trust bestowed upon us.


We aspire to excel in all that we are charged with, honouring the sacrifices made by our colleagues, past and present, by constantly striving to raise the standards of professionalism in the HT.

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