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Every Home Team Department School whether or not co-located in HTA is given equal opportunity to utilise its facilities to train their officers. They are accountable to their respective HODs who will maintain command and control over the professional development of the Schools.

The Chief Executive also provides training and administrative oversight of the Specialist Units on behalf of Ministry Headquarters.

Police Training Command

The Police Training Command (TRACOM) is the training arm of the Singapore Police Force (SPF). TRACOM sets force wide training policies and conducts basic and developmental training to equip all officers with core and generic competencies. These training programmes include basic training for all new entrants, vocational training for certain functional areas as well as supervisory, executive and leadership courses. TRACOM also maintains oversight of other SPF training institutions such as the School of Criminal Investigation, the Intelligence Training School and the Police Coast Guard training branch, etc.


Immigration & Checkpoints Authority Training Command

The Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA) Training Command, as part of ICA's Manpower Division, plays a strategic role in the provision of training and development for ICA officers. Its key functions include formulating, implementing and reviewing training policies/plans and programmes for ICA officers to develop and enhance core competencies so that officers can discharge their functions with confidence in fulfilling ICA's mission.

Some of the training courses rolled out to ICA officers include basic induction training for senior officers, specialists and management support officers; core competencies training in forgery detection and behavioural analysis; as well as leadership training such as ICA Leadership Development Programme for Middle Management.


Singapore Prison Training Institute

As the central training unit of the Singapore Prison Service (SPS), the Singapore Prison Training Institute )formerly known as Prison Staff Training School) oversees and drives training initiatives and programmes to broaden and deepen staff competencies, ensuring that every officer is equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to perform their job and roles effectively and efficiently in an evolving and complex global environment.

The name change and re-organization reflect SPTI's aspiration to be a Centre of Excellence for Correctional training and support the ongoing transformational plans for SPS and the broader Home Team (HT). This re-org will strategically position SPTI as SPS overall training authority, an enabler of SPS overall T&L transformation, and strengthen the Ops-Training nexus.

Our core duty is twofold. First, to train and prepare new-entrant officers into competent, full-fledged prison officers who are dedicated to their noble calling as Captains of Lives. We do this through a structured, comprehensive and rigorous residential training programme that is delivered by passionate trainers. Secondly, to provide continuous learning opportunities for our serving officers to further deepen and sharpen their core competencies as they progress in their career. To this end, we conduct various leadership and functional courses that enhance our officers' leadership capacity and equip them with specific knowledge and skills to assume higher responsibilities and appointments. 

Home Team School of Criminal Investigation

The Home Team School of Criminal Investigation (HT SCI) was established on 18 July 2011 as a new line unit under the Singapore Police Force. It is led by a Director who reports to a Board of Management chaired by the Commissioner of Police.

An Expert Advisory Board comprising well-respected investigation experts and legal practitioners from the Attorney-General’s Chambers and Subordinate Courts will also be established, to advise and make recommendations to the Board of Management. 

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Home Team Behavioural Sciences Centre

The Home Team Behavioural Sciences Centre (HTBSC) is a behavioural sciences research centre based at the Home Team Academy. HTBSC strives to provide a behavioural sciences angle to support the Home Team (HT)’s operational work.

The unit was formerly conceptualised and initiated in 2005. As a scientific response to evidence-based policies, HTBSC advocates the integration of research science to complement ground operations, to enhance efficiency of our HT officers.

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