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CDAU officers play a significant part in SCDF’s operations and are crucial to the impact we make in our community.  The contribution you make to members of public will be enhanced when you follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Every CDAU officer must conduct himself in a manner which upholds the integrity and public confidence of SCDF and CDAU.
  2. Do not act in such a way that gives rise to public perception that the CDAU officer has obtained special advantage through his official position or connections.
  3. Avoid giving favours or special treatment to any external party.
  4. Keep private interests separate from public duties.  There should be no conflict of interest between a CDAU officer's official position/work, and his activities outside his official duties.
  5. Treat all official documents, papers and information he receives as confidential. When a CDAU officer is first appointed, he will be asked to sign an undertaking to safeguard official information. He may also be asked to renew his undertaking at any time later.

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