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Volunteers are not substitutes for regular staff. They complement one another by working together and sharing responsibility. In fact, some volunteers are appointed to fill certain key posts.  We need our volunteers to consider their assignment a professional commitment. Hence, the following are important for volunteers to know:

 i) Recruitment policies

SCDF holds periodic recruitment via SCDF’s web portal to attract new candidates. Depending on the vocation, applicants must meet certain basic physical and academic requirements. Applicants who are former SCDF servicemen can also join CDAU as Auxiliary Fire Fighters, Auxiliary Ambulance Medical Orderlies and Auxiliary Paramedics.

The basic pre-requisites include:

  • Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident

  • Minimum age of 18 years old

  • Minimum of secondary school education

  • At least 1.60 m in height

  • At least 50 kg in weight

  • Medically fit

  • Body Mass Index (BMI):27 and below (BMI = Weight/Height2)

  • With relevant experience

  • Male recruits must have completed full-time NS.


Applicants who meet the pre-requisites and possess relevant experience can apply for the following CDAU vocations:

  1. Fire Fighting & Rescue
  2. Emergency Medical Services
  3. Public Education & Community Involvement
  4. Enforcement Officer
  5. Heritage Gallery Guide  (by invitation only)

Once suitable candidates are fielded, they are subjected to security and medical screening before they are officially appointed as a CDAU Officer. Depending on the vocation which they are being recruited for, CDAU officers will be required to attend the relevant training before their official deployment at the ground units.

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