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Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit - Fire Fighting and Rescue


Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit (CDAU) Firefighting vocation has played a crucial role since its formation in 2006, responding to fire and rescue incidents alongside SCDF regulars. Previously consisting only of volunteers with prior experience in firefighting and rescue, this vocation will now be opened to volunteers who are prepared to undergo the required training.

What You will Learn

Without Prior Experience
You will undergo a 16-week CDAU Firefighter Course at Civil Defence Academy. Training sessions will be held on 2 weekday nights and 1 Saturday morning per week. The training is to equip you with a strong foundation in firefighting skills and rescue techniques. You are required to pass all modules in the course.

With Experience in Firefighting & Rescue
You may be deployed as a:

  • Firefighter
  • Fire & Rescue Section Commander
  • Fire & Rescue Deputy Rota Commander
  • Fire & Rescue Rota Commander

You will refresh your knowledge and skills on hydrant operations, firefighting, usage of the Breathing Apparatus, USAR and Hazmat.

Your Commitment

You will be deployed to fire stations after completing the training. You are required to serve a minimum of two hours per duty and a total of at least 16 hours of duty per month.

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Mr Ian Ng
6848 3411

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