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The setting up of CD Lionhearters Club would assist SCDF in striving towards building up the nation’s preparedness so that every individual can help themselves, their families and neighbours in times of emergency.  It is envisaged that the setting up a CD Lionhearters Club in tertiary institutions will stimulate greater interest among students and engaged them to serve in meaningful ways.


What We Do

All CD Lionhearters Clubs are established to carry out the following roles:

Providing Assistance For On-Campus Incidents

CD Lionhearters are trained and equipped with Emergency Preparedness skills and knowledge to augment the institutions’ emergency resources if required, for on-campus incidents. They will provide first level response through acts like rendering medical first aid and assisting in the evacuation of affected victims.




Community Engagement Ambassadors

They are trained as Community Engagement Ambassadors in times of communal tensions in the school environment and assist to mediate in incidents involving communal tensions on campus grounds.

Provide Support for Community Events

The CD Lionhearters will help SCDF to train the community in emergency preparedness and life saving skills. They are deployed during Emergency Preparedness Days and community involvement programmes and perform the role of instructors, alongside SCDF officers.




Deployment to Mercy Relief's Overseas Humanitarian Relief Missions or Rebuilding Projects

SCDF has collaborated with Mercy Relief (MR) to offer opportunities for these CD Lionhearters to participate in overseas humanitarian relief missions or rebuilding projects.  These overseas humanitarian relief missions not only provide these Lionhearters with some insights into disaster response but also allow them to utilize their skills and knowledge in rebuilding projects such as building of schools, drainage systems and setting up of computer laboratories.

The involvement of trained tertiary students will strictly be on a voluntary basis. Lionhearters deployed for the overseas humanitarian mission will be managed under the umbrella of the relevant humanitarian entities such as Mercy Relief.



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