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Who We Are

The Neighbourhood Watch Zone (NWZ) Scheme was launched by the Minister of Home Affairs on 27 April 1997.  Under this scheme, NWZs are formed under the Residents’ committees (RCs), Neighbourhood Committees (NCs) or Residents’ Associations (RAs) of the respective zones.  All Residents belonging to the particular RC/NC/RA zone will automatically become members of the NWZ.

The NWZ scheme aims to cultivate mutual assistance among residents in the community to:

  • help prevent and detect crime and create a sense of concern among the residents for each other’s home and property
  • help develop a community spirit akin to a cohesive and caring society

Our Beginnings

The SPF introduced the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme (NWS) in 1981.The scheme comprised about 100,000 Neighbourhood Watch Groups (NWGs). Each NWG consisted of about 5 households located in the same floor of the block. The scheme was originally conceived to encourage mutual care and help among neighbours, through residents keeping an eye out for each other’s premises, and through mutual discussion and dissemination of crime prevention messages. Through this, it was hoped that civic-mindedness, neighbourliness and social responsibility in the context of crime prevention would be enhanced. This would contribute to keeping neighbourhoods safe from crime.


Since the scheme was introduced, both the Neighbourhood Police Post (NPP) system and the RCs have grown in scope and in sophistication. The NWS was reviewed in 1996 to leverage on the strengths of the existing grassroots network to enhance its effectiveness. Under the revised scheme, NWGs were re-organised into NWZs, formed under the respective RCs in the case of HDB estates and NCs or RAs in the case of private residential estates. A Liaison Officer (LO) who is a RC/NC/RA member, would be appointed to lead NWZ. He is assisted by Assistant Liaison Officers (ALOs) who are also appointed from the respective RCs/NCs/RAs.


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