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Neighbourhood Watch Zone 


The Neighbourhood Watch Zone (NWZ) Scheme was launched by the Minister for Home Affairs on 27 April 1997.  It aims to:

  • Instil awareness of potential threats in the neighbourhood;
  • Promote the adoption of crime prevention measures by residents;
  • Foster a culture of good neighbourliness through mutual self-help in ensuring the safety and security of our neighbourhoods; 
  • Give residents a greater sense of security, participation and stake in the community; and
  • Develop networks of resident volunteers in each neighbourhood that are essential partners of the Police in our fight against crime and increasingly, terrorism.
NWZs are formed under the Resident's Committees (RCs), Neighbourhood Committees (NCs) or Resident's Associations (RAs) of the respective zones. An NWZ Liaison Officer (LO) who is a RC, NC or RA member in the zone, and the NWZ Assistant Liaison Officers (ALOs) who are representatives of residents located in a designated area within the zine are appointed within each NWZ.

The NWZ LO and ALO will work closely with the Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) officers to coordinate and implement a wide range of community crime prevention activities and programmes to strengthen the community's sense of security.

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