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Main Objectives Of NWZ Scheme

  • Instil awareness if potential threats in the neighbourhood;
  • Promote the adoption of crime prevention measures by residents of public and private estates;
  • Foster a culture of good neighbourliness through mutual self-help in ensuring the safety and security of residents in our neighbourhoods;
  • Give residents a greater sense of security, participation and stake in the community; and
  • Develop networks of resident volunteers in each neighbourhood that are essential partners of the Police in our fight against crime and increasingly, terrorism.



An NWZ Liaison Officer (LO) who is a RC, NC or RA member in the zone, and NWZ Assistant Liaison Officers (ALOs) who are representatives of residents located in a designated area within the zone are appointed within each NWZ.

The NWZ LO and ALOs will work closely with the Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) officers to coordinate and implement a wide range of community crime prevention activities and programmes to strengthen the community’s sense of security.

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