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Who We Are

VSC (Community) Scheme is a new vocation under the VSC.  It was conceived with the objective of projecting a stronger police presence in areas with high human traffic, such as a market places, shopping centres and other community areas.

VSC (Community) officers will not carry arms, but will carry a Police warrant card and be equipped with handcuffs, a baton and a communications set VSC (Community) officers will be attired in a blue polo T-shirt (similar in design to those worn by the NPC Community Policing Officers) and black cargo pants.

As a VSC (Community) officer, you will be trained and supervised, work in partnership with the regular officers in the execution of their police duties. Our philosophy of involvement includes providing you the necessary training, orientation, opportunities for personal development, as well as awards and recognition for good service.

Our Beginnings

Community partnership is a cornerstone of our policing strategy. Through the Volunteer Special Constabulary (VSC) vocation which has been around for 71 years, members of the public are able to serve alongside Police officers to keep Singapore safe.

To create more opportunities for the public to volunteer with the SPF, a new vocation VSC (Community) is being introduced. This new vocation has a shorter training duration spread over nine weeks, and VSC (Community) officers are required to perform a minimum of eight hours of patrol duty each month. They are trained in Police procedures, Police defence tactics and first-aid.  VSC (Community) officers will be deployed at the Neighbourhood Police Centres (NPC).

Message From Commander VSC



With a brief history of less than one year, VSCC officers are an integral part of the Singapore Police Force. We welcome you to join VSCC, to be part of community policing force in fulfilling the mission of the police and making Singapore a safe and secure home.


AC Bobby Fay
Commander VSC



Contact person(s): Mustafa Ali Abbas

Email Address:

Telephone: (65) 6557 5869

Fax: (65) 6223 0049

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