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Volunteer Special Constabulary - Police Officer

Our Vision

We are extraordinary police officers making distinguished and meaningful contributions to the SPF.

Our Mission

The mission of the Volunteer Special Constabulary is to support the SPF in its mission to prevent, deter and detect crime through volunteerism.

Our Core Values


We are willing to risk our lives, if necessary, in order to safeguard our society. We also have the moral courage to seek and speak the truth, and to set wrongs right.


We are loyal to the nation, to the Home Team, to the SPF community, and to our own beliefs and ideals.


We never forsake our ethics in order to attain our objectives. Our actions are guided by our principle, not expediency.


We are fair in our dealings with people, irrespective of their race, religion, gender, age, standing in life and irrespective of whether they are victims, suspects or convicts. We also apply the same standards to the members of SPF.

Police Pledge

We pledge to be loyal and true to the Police service and the Republic of Singapore.

We pledge to uphold the law, to protect life and property, to prevent and detect crime.

We pledge to discharge our responsibilities without fear or favour, regardless of race, language or religion.

We pledge to strive for excellence, to be proactive and to exercise initiative in our duties.

We pledge to serve our community and our country and to be courteous and humane in our dealings with every fellowman.

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