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Singapore Prison Service Befriending Programme

Community Befriending Project

"Being a befriender has made me more appreciative and thankful for blessings around me. Some of the stories of my befriendees saddened me - the complexity of their family and the wrong decisions they make in life that's making them feel 'trapped' in a cycle of crime. I learnt that you can only show them the light but you have no control in changing their heart. That makes me realise that being a Befriender comes from having a sincere heart without expecting anything in return. I learnt thae magic of being a good listener because it brightens up someone's life." 

Juliana Binte Surani
SPS Befriender

An offender needs a network of pro-social peers that encompasses friends, mentors and befrienders, to support his reintegration efforts.

Befrienders provide a positive pro-social support network for offenders, especially those without strong family support. Research has shown that positive peer influence has the potential to prevent re-offending by allowing an offender to meet his social and other needs in lawful ways.

Singapore Prison Service welcomes individuals with a passion to serve and wants to make a difference in the lives of others, to sign up as a Befriender. 

The Befriending Programme comprises two key phases:

  • In the Incare Phase (when the offender is in Prisons), Befrienders will engage the offenders through either face-to-face visits or letter writing.
  • In the Aftercare phase (after the offender has been released from Prisons), Befrienders will continue to provide a listening ear and moral support to help offenders adjust in the community upon their release.

What You will Learn

You will undergo Basic Prison Training (BPT) to prepare fort he volunteering work in Prisons. You will also be equipped with the skills and knowledge to conduct effective and purposeful sessions with the inmates. You can also look forward to attending accredited developmental courses. These training opportunities will enhance your skills and competencies in your role as a Prison volunteer.

You will also be invited to attend learning journeys in Prison institutions and facilities to understand more about Prison operations and rehabilitation programmes.

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