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Prison Volunteers (Religious)


"A candle, although it has a short lifespan, may help a student to become a scholar. Likewise, you can still do something very meaningful within this timeframe. You can find ways to help and become an example to your family and friends."

Venerable Seck Kwang Ping
Prison Religious Volunteer

"I can only be a signpost pointing in a direction which I feel is beneficial to the inmate but, in the long term, it rests with him. If he wants to change, he will change and my role is to be there to help him then. That's all any volunteer can do. You cannot force them."

Reverend George Ian Beed
Prison Religious Volunteer


While Prisons is a secular organisation, we recognize that spiritual guidance provides the necessary emotional and mental encouragement for inmates to cope with life experiences. Spiritual support forms an important aspect of offenders' psychological well-being to help them maintain a positive outlook on life. 

The religious services are provided by volunteers from the various religious organisations such as:

  • Buddhist Fellowship

  • Christian Counselling Services


  • Muneeswaran Temple Society

  • Persatuan Ulama dan Guru-Guru Agama Islam Singapura (PERGAS)

  • Prison Fellowship Singapore (Christian)

  • Roman Catholic Prison Ministry

  • SANA Religious Group of Volunteers (Christian / Hindu)

  • Sikh Welfare Council

  • Singapore Buddhist Federation

  • Singapore Kadayanallur Muslim League (SKML)

  • The Hindu Centre

Many of these organisations also offer post-release befriending services to facilitate inmates' reintegration into society.

What You will Learn

You will undergo Basic Prison Training (BPT) to prepare for the volunteering work in prisons. You will also be equipped with the skills and knowledge to conduct effective and purposeful sessions with the inmates. You can also look forward to attending accredited developmental courses. These training opportunities will enhance your skills and competences in your role as a Prison volunteer.

Join Us

If you are above 21 years old and wish to help offenders, you can join us as an individual volunteer, or as part of an organisation registered with Prisons.

To apply, please contact us.

Upon successful application, you will receive a volunteer pass and will be required to attend the Basic Prison Training (BPT).

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