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 "I have been touched by their belief and trust they have placed in me. As much as the inmates have benefitted from my teaching, I have benefitted from their friendship, the life lessons they taught me and, of course, not forgetting the satisfaction I get when I see them achieve."

Ms Jothi Ramachandra
Volunteer Tutor

We have a wide range of non-religious activities, running the gamut from enrichment programmes, art therapy, academic tutoring to family-based activities that volunteers can contribute to.

Realising the importance of equipping inmates with the relevant skills to ensure their successful reintegration upon release, organizations and volunteers are engaged to provide skills training and workshops on a voluntary basis.

Programmes such as anger and emotion management, financial planning, and speech craft provide the necessary skill sets, positive habits and social values to inmates, so as to augment the rehabilitation efforts and allow effective i.e. Integration into the society

Inmates are given opportunities to advance their educational qualifications, so that they can strive to be responsible and contributing citizens upon their release. Support from individual volunteers in terms of supervising or tutoring inmates in their weakest subjects is important. This will improve offenders' to achieve academic success. Volunteers not only help offenders academically, but also provide the encouragement and motivation by acting as mentors and friends.


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Community & Family Policy (CFP) Branch, Rehabilitation & Reintegration Division (RRD)

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Telephone: (65) 6546 9539

Fax: (65) 6546 2459

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