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Volunteering with the Singapore Prison Service

Volunteers bring with them their expertise in the various fields and impart their knowledge to the inmates through the various religious and social programmes/ activities. Being in the community, the volunteers can also help to link the released offenders back to the community, helping to facilitate the reintegration process.


Academic Programmes

Inmates are given opportunities to advance their educational qualifications, so that they can strive to be responsible and contributing citizens upon their release. 

Support from individual volunteers in terms of supervising or tutoring inmates in their weakest subjects is important. This will improve offenders' to achieve academic success. Volunteers not only help offenders academically, but also provide the encouragement and motivation by acting as mentors and friends.


Enrichment Programmes

Realising the importance of equipping inmates with the relevant skills to ensure their successful reintegration upon release, organizations and volunteers are engaged to provide skills training and workshops on a voluntary basis. 

Programmes such as anger and emotion management, financial planning, and speech craft provide the necessary skill sets, positive habits and social values to inmates, so as to augment the rehabilitation efforts and allow effective ie. integration into the society.

Current organisations volunteering with Prisons include:

  • Action for Aids
  • English Reading Club
  • Lay Canossian Association
  • Singapore After-Care Association
  • Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association
  • Teen Challenge Singapore
  • The Salvation Army
  • Toastmaster’s Prison Volunteer
  • Tzu Chi Foundation
  • Women in Recovery Association
  • Xin Chi Reading Club

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