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Volunteering with the Singapore Prison Service

Volunteers are not substitutes for regular staff.  They complement one another, working together and sharing responsibility. We need our volunteers to consider their assignment as a professional commitment. Hence, the following are important for volunteers to know:

Volunteer Records

Singapore Prison Service maintains personnel records of each volunteer and are confidential. The records are retained and self-maintained in the Home Team Volunteer System.  Full personnel records are accessible by Singapore Prison Service, the Ministry of Home Affairs and yourself as a volunteer.  Brief profile and contact information may be accessible by administrators of other Home Team volunteer schemes to offer cross deployment opportunities in other Home Team volunteer schemes to existing volunteers. Notwithstanding, cross deployment of volunteers will only be processed with your approval.

Reference and background checks aside, all volunteer records will not be shared outside of the Home Team without your consent.


Reference and Background Checks

Singapore Prison Service strives to maintain a safe and congenial workplace with honest, trustworthy, qualified, reliable volunteers and staff who do not present a risk or harm to their co-workers and beneficiaries.  Singapore Prison Service may perform, or may request that third parties perform, reference and conduct background checks at any time in the application of the volunteer management process.  Volunteers who refuse permission for conduct of these checks will not be accepted.  All reference and background check results will be treated in strict confidence.


Recruitment Process

Register as a volunteer

  • If you are above 21 years old and wish to help offenders, you can join us as an individual volunteer, or as part of an organization already registered with prisons.

  • Complete and submit the online registration form. Your application will then be routed to Prisons for processing.

  • Upon successful application and matching, you will be notified to attend 3 sessions of training. Upon completion of the training, a notification email will be sent to you together with a temporary letter for entry into Prisons. There will be a probation of 6 months. Volunteers who successfully complete the probation will be issued with volunteer pass. The temporary letter will serve as your authorization for entry into Prisons institutions prior to the issuance of your volunteer pass.



Singapore Prison Service values our volunteers but we reiterate that a Prison or Drug Rehabilitation Centre (DRC) is a gazetted security area. Safety and security is paramount in prisons and a volunteer would be taken to task if he/she commits/facilitates the commission of any act prejudicial to good order, inmate discipline, safety and security of Prisons.

Volunteer must also agree that Singapore Prison Service may, at any time or for whatever reason, decide to terminate the service of the volunteer or make changes in the nature of the volunteer assignment.

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