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Yellow Ribbon Community Project (YRCP)

Building Bridges, Strengthening Communities

"There is a sense of achievement when you know you have made a difference to someone's life. I am happy to be involved in this project as I am making a difference not just to one person but to the entire community."

Mr Elendrus HJ Osman
Yellow Ribbon Champion 


Families of offenders and ex-offenders play important roles in their rehabilitation and reintegration process. To many of them, their families have been a major source of motivation for them to change their ways. In addition, families can also provide ex-offenders with the financial and social support that these individuals need, while they pick up their lives after release from prisons. Enhancing support given to families of offenders can reduce re-offending and help prevent intergenerational patterns of incarceration.

Previously known as the Community Outreach Project (COP), YRCP was introduced to provide community support and assistance to families of inmates through grassroots divisions. This initiative provides support to families of incarcerated persons, help stabilises the families as they cope with the uncertainties arising from the incarceration of the offenders. It also sends a message to the offender that the community is also proactively providing support to his family and that he could focus on his rehabilitation and reintegration.


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