The Singapore Police Force Scholarship

The Singapore Police Force Scholarship (SPFS) is one of the most prestigious scholarships awarded by the Public Service Commission. The SPFS is awarded to candidates who have shown outstanding academic performance and leadership qualities, with a strong desire to serve in the Singapore Police Force.

As an SPFS scholar, you will continue your learning journey in a world-renowned university which provide intellectually, socially and personally enriching programmes to prepare you for a life of service and leadership Upon your return, you will be involved in shaping policies to address issues on public law and order and play an integral role in protecting Singapore.

As a Guardian of law and order, your determination and actions to make a difference will transform the lives of many!

Eligibility SMS
Value of Award SMS
countries and courses SMS

Most countries and disciplines (except Medicine, Dentistry and Architecture).

*Applicants intending to pursue a degree in Law will not be called to the Bar while serving in the SPF.

Condition of Award

You will be bonded for five years (for studies in non-English-speaking countries) or six years (for studies in English-speaking countries), commencing the day you assume official duty after completing your studies.

career dev
You will be rotated through regular postings to acquire investigation acumen, policy conceptualisation skills as well as command and leadership abilities in the first six years of your career. 

You will also be emplaced on the Public Service Leadership Programme where you will acquire specialist knowledge and capabilities to take on key leadership positions in the Singapore Police Force, if you meet the criteria.

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