No effort is too small and everyone plays a significant role in helping to safeguard our nation. Find out what MHA is doing to deliver a safe and secure home for our people and how you can play a part in making our home safer.


“I was having lunch at Holland V one day when suddenly there was a loud bang. I looked around and saw a sedan car overturned across the road. I ran to the accident scene and found an elderly couple and their granddaughter trapped awkwardly in the overturned car. I immediately called 995 and while waiting for the SCDF ambulance to arrive, I decided to pull the trapped victims out with the help of passers-by. I’m glad that the victims suffered only minor bruises in such an accident. Shortly after, the ambulance arrived and they were taken to the hospital.

CPL (V) Jeffrey Tan has been a Civil Defence Auxilliary Unit (CDAU) volunteer for 8 years, going on to his 9th year soon. Want to join him in the same extraordinary mission?


"I have been with the Traffic Police Voluntary Special Constabulary ( VSC) team for almost two years. I am a patrol officer. We support the regulars with their daily patrol shifts and we are also activated during special operations and ceremonial duties. We are proud to be part of the Traffic Police family because the regulars trust the VSCs and treat us as equals. I want to contribute as much as I can to make our roads safe for everyone.“

Want to join Gerard in the same extraordinary mission?

Prisons Volunteer

“Families face many difficulties while their family member is in prison, especially if the inmate is the sole breadwinner. Worse still, the families may not know who to turn to for help. When we visit the families, they are often shocked to find out from us that their family member gave us their permission to visit the family. Some even broke down , knowing that the family member still cared for them.

Through us, we try to get some assistance for the family so that they can still get on with their daily lives. It may not be much work, but it brings some relief to them. ”

Martin is a Yellow Ribbon Community Project volunteer. Want to join him in the same extraordinary mission?


"Teenagers are sometimes shy, not steady enough, “boh zai” in making decisions. When we join the CD Lionhearters Club, we have to share life-saving tips with a variety of people like aunties, uncles or even people who are unfriendly. We try to speak their language or even dialects so that they can understand what we are trying to teach them. Over time, we become more confident. Every week, my friend Cheryl and I will participate in the activities. I realize that when we help others, we also learn many things from them. My life is more colourful now because of these wonderful experiences from the CD Lionhearters Club.“

Mei Wah is a CD Lionhearter at Nanyang Polytechnic. Want to join her in the same extraordinary mission?


"To me, volunteerism is helping out with the smallest tasks and knowing that it can make a difference to the lives of people and organisations. It is also a fun, rewarding and meaningful way to fill up the days with purpose and activities. Volunteer work also improves one’s self-esteem and confidence because it gives you an opportunity to interact with people and sometimes you will find someone with common interests. This kindles happiness and creates a bond. “

Laxie Mary is a Crime Prevention Ambassador. Want to join her in the same extraordinary mission?

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