After the London incidents in July 2005, we asked ourselves whether we should do more (to enhance our social resilience). The threat of extremist terrorism was not going away and increasingly, we see involvement by homegrown elements.

We asked ourselves...
"How would our people react after a terrorist attack in Singapore? Especially if the perpetrators were homegrown?"
While we think that our good communal relations built up over the years would stand us in good stead, we also realised that this is not to be taken for granted.

Then - DPM Wong Kan Seng, January 2007

The Community Engagement Programme is a long-term effort to ensure that we are better equipped to maintain our social cohesion and harmony, and stay united in a crisis. We want to bring together Singaporeans from different communities, to strengthen inter-communal bonds, and to put in place response plans to help deal with potential communal tensions after an incident, e.g. a terrorist attack.

Last Updated on 27 Mar 2018
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