Written Replies to Parliamentary Questions

Written Reply to Parliamentary Question on Ms Clare Rewcastle-Brown, by Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law

Published: 02 October 2018



Mr Dennis Tan Lip Fong: To ask the Minister for Home Affairs (a) what is the basis for ICA's blacklisting of Ms Clare Rewcastle-Brown; (b) what is the reason given to our Government for the blacklisting request; (c) who requested the blacklisting; and (d) whether the Ministry or ICA has (i) a policy of objective review of the bona fides of all blacklisting requests from a foreign state or leader and (ii) a system of regular reviews of existing blacklistings.





1.     ICA decides on a foreigner’s right to enter into Singapore, taking into account a variety of factors, including our national interests and security, based on our own information and assessment, as well as that provided by foreign partners.  We also do not, generally, confirm or deny whether a person has been blacklisted.


2.     Ms Clare Rewcastle Brown was granted entry into Singapore on 14 September 2018. She was not stopped or questioned.


3.     On 15 September 2018, Ms Brown left Singapore. When she was leaving, she was interviewed by ICA officers as part of the immigration clearance process. Our records showed that she completed her immigration clearance and interview in 16 minutes. Many travellers are subjected to additional checks or interviews as part of the immigration clearance process.


4.     Ms Brown was not denied entry into Singapore – she was allowed to enter Singapore. Members can assess for themselves how credible it is, to assume that a person had been blacklisted, because she was asked some questions when she was leaving the country – when she had not been denied entry into the country in the first place.


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